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Garage doors are not ordinary entranceways to home extensions but add security to the entire premises.

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The garage gate defines the house. It takes a significant amount of extra space for the whole compound. It is vital to select a garage door that doesn’t detract from the curb appeal.

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Get your house the most stylish, durable, and bespoke designs to create an aesthetic appeal. Whether you are seeking to replace the garage doors or get a new one installed. 

Residential garage gates

Residential garage doors include entrance and exit solutions to the extra space of your home exteriors. You can boost your curb appeal and ensure the perfect safety of all the stored belongings. The garage gates are great insulators so, and it keeps the harsh weather out. You can transform a simple-looking home into a dream house. The garage doors are of different materials timber, steel, galvanized metal, and aluminum are a few worth mentioning.

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Commercial garage gates

Commercial garage doors include airplane hangars, multi-space parking gates, large industrial openings, and caravan vending machines. Maintenance of high-level door systems offers a range of services.

Explore the largest commercial gate options that look good, keeps the area safe; ensure durability, and calls for very low maintenance. 

  • Insulated garage solutions: These are energy efficient with long-lasting service, and any harsh weather and extreme temperature are of no issue. Galvanized metal and stainless steel are the best options for manufacturing insulated gates.
  • Sectional doors: When you seek heavy-duty metal gates, then sectional garage entrances are the best. You also have lightweight aluminum section doors for easy manual access. Get the energy-efficient options in sectional gates, which call for very low maintenance. These are an ideal movement of large vehicles like fire station garages and industrial operations.
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  • Rolling service gates: For limited spaces and classic appearance, roll-up garage solutions are ideal. There are different options available, from finish to materials and slat profiles. Rolling garages are in galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. These are fire resistant and highly energy efficient.
  • High-speed garage gates: When you want doors that open twice faster than the regular roll-up doors, then a high-speed gate is the best. This type of commercial garage door is for efficient and faster access, offering 100% security. The doors are in galvanized metal, aluminum, or stainless steel with full insulation facilities. You can use many different colors and styles, like light fittings with high-speed rolling garage solutions.
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  • Security doors: A security garage is ideal for bank openings, value deposit spaces, and commercial spaces that call for high-density gates. This type of gate minimizes the chance of break-ins and unwanted visitors. It’s perfect to avoid assaults and hence, ideal for high-level security systems.

There are multi-services of residential garage space – vehicle parking, extra storage (always welcome), small exerciser space, a place to do office work, perfect for putting yard and garage sales. Explore the various options and ask for a quotation from Legacy Door Co. You will get free quotes by just registering the online form. 


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