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Moving to a new country or looking for another home – house hunting is always a mix of fun and stress.

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Fun because you explore so many properties and anxiety because it is a crucial decision to make. What type of house is ideal for you and your requirements is an important decision. Create a list of your preferences – location of the house, size of the property, purpose (investment or living), financial aspects, taxation, and other concerns. Here are the diverse types of properties you can consider with the related pros and cons.

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What type of properties should you buy?

Villas: If you are looking for a holiday home or massive property with great sunny weather, then villas are the ideal choice. A beautiful huge, detached house with a great yard and fantastic swimming pool – can entice your imagination. You can look for Spanish Mission-designed homes with large white walls, arched entrances, and red roofs. Several developers niche in offering deals with villas. 

Apartments: Flats and condominiums have been gaining popularity in the last few decades. More people prefer smaller homes with communal swimming pools, gyms, and other facilities. If you want to stay within the city limits and do not want to travel a lot for work, then investing in apartments is the best choice. You can easily maintain the property as it is small, and the security is also better. Some properties will have a concierge who takes care of the repairs and maintenance of communal areas.

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Co-ops: These are share houses and, therefore, do not qualify as real estate. You do not buy or owe the entire house but a share in the housing unit. There are stringent buying requirements, and Co-ops are not accessible for foreign investments. Check with Dezert Properties – homes for sale to get more details. 

Townhouses: When you are looking for neighbors and are unwilling to buy a massive, detached house, townhouses are the best choice. These are single homes with walls attached to the neighboring properties. You can enjoy the private garden and small yard space to yourself. These are perfect for a family of 3-4 in Victorian designs with lofty ceilings and more ample rooms.

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Cape Cod homes: Straight from the fairy tales, these cottage-style homes are simply adorable. Cape cod homes are ideal if you are interested in high walls with shingle exteriors with dormer windows at the roof. These properties make great holiday homes and are in the countryside. There are four varieties in these design houses – the quarter cape is the smallest and narrowest with one window and main entrance, the half cape has two windows with one door at the end. The three-quarter has two windows, a central door and extra window at other end and lastly, the full cape has two windows, two doors, and other two extended windows. These are detached properties and are available in diverse sizes.

Ranches are the oldest styled homes which are more prevalent in the southern part of the country. These are massive homes with vast areas of land surrounding it. If you are looking for luxurious living in the countryside, ranches are the best to invest in.


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