Give Your Basement a Facelift

Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to the basement. It is one of the most useless areas in the home. Basements are often damp, lacks proper ventilation and a breeding ground for pest, mold, and germs. For this reason, most people don’t go to their basement more often. But do you know you can transform this dark, abandoned space into something useful? Yes, you can convert it into a comfortable part of your home. Wondering how you can get this going? It’s simple. Give your basement a complete makeover.

Prior to undertaking the home improvement project, you should inspect your basement for cracks or weak wall surfaces. The presence of these conditions indicates water damage and it should be fixed without further delay. If you decide not to waterproof your basement before renovating, then get ready to deal with dampness, moisture and mold growth.

Many handy homeowners can perform this task themselves while others hire a skilled professional to help with a thorough, finely executed job. Preventing moisture and dampness should be your number one priority. Not only will water damage destroy your properties it can also result in poor health due to bad air quality.

There are several benefits to finishing a basement. If you are looking for additional living space in the home, the basement fits perfectly into that role. You can convert the useless space underneath your home into an attractive place. Here is a list of ideas for you

  • Study room
  • Gym
  • Additional kitchen
  • Playroom
  • Sport bar
  • Home office
  • Party room

Another incredible benefit of finishing a basement is that it increases the value of a home. Today, many buyers prefer buying a home with an already finished basement. Buyers are willing and ready to pay the asking price for a property with a finished basement compared to one with a dilapidated basement. Increase your chance of getting more value for money by investing in this home renovation project. Of course, painting the exterior of your home as well as replacing the windows and doors will definitely add to the value of a home but you can get more if you have a beautifully designed, fully furnished basement

Adding a Basement Kitchen

While some states allow the homeowner to add a kitchen to their basement, others don’t. To this end, it is important to check with your state laws to know if you can add an extra kitchen. The first step in setting up a basement kitchen is planning. You need to consider all your options and see if it fits properly into the design. Check for the right place to set up appliances such as dishwasher, design a proper fire exit and adequate ventilation of cooking fumes. More importantly, make sure the plumbing system is in good condition.

Other factors to consider include lighting, flooring, and other fixtures. Adding an extra kitchen to your basement doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many contractors out there providing homeowners with affordable basement finishing service. Equally impressive is the fact that they can redesign your basement according to your budget. So no budget is too small for your basement renovation.

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