Graffiti Cafe, a Concept of Leisure with Unique Contemporary Design in Varna, Bulgaria

Life is more beautiful if occasionally we take the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures like meeting with good friends and taste a cup of coffee while listening to music in a unique atmosphere like seems to be from these pictures. We stumbled across this gorgeous leisure destination in Varna, Bulgaria and decided to share with you guys, because we love its original-looking design and flawless execution. It’s called Graffiti Cafe and is part of a four-story, chic boutique hotel, along with a gallery of modern art, restaurant and nightclub. Despite its suggestive name, Graffiti, the beautiful place doesn’t have a hint of graffiti anywhere.


Aiming to be a natural continuation of the hotel’s modern and impactful aesthetic, the Graffiti Cafe’s exterior and interior designed by Studio MODE feature a unique contemporary design with a strong visual identity inspired by the work of Escher, artist known for his impossible woodcuts constructions which explored the infinite in the ceiling and pillars. Large and all white with black accents and a sufficient dose of artistry intentionally making reference to the Gallery of Modern Art situated on the next level of the building, the trendy coffee house is a great mixture of carved wood with modern furniture and pristine splendor. Details of the street styling, artificial emotion and art forms inspired by natural materials impress the visitor’s eyes, being ready anytime to keep you company. Therefore it’s not surprising that such great concept is the winner of Restaurant and Bar Design Awards in the European International an overall bar category.

To satisfy all technological and functional requirements, the designers split up the area into two zones: the front zone was incorporated into the exterior for an open affect, creating public space and feeling of console silhouette of the building; the rear zone was separated through floor and roof design that allowed reducing depth of space while keeping the cafe’s beautiful panorama. The linear elements that begin on the curvy pillars and continue onto the ceiling are extraordinary and it’s clearly that help create a cohesive environment, that really accentuates the sleek modern design of the all-white interior. The geometric floor tiles are amazing, mimicking the three-dimensional wall treatment on the back wall that create a sense of depth. To add a more natural touch, they dispersed greenery throughout. Enjoy the photos!








Bulgarian-cafe-surface-formationPhotos © 3inSpirit


Project details:

Name: Graffiti Cafe
Architects: Studio Mode
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Completed: 2011
Area: 300 sqm


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