Great Gifts to Say “Welcome to the Neighborhood”

Approximately 35.5 million people in the U.S. move each year. As a result, it’s not unlikely for you to know someone who has recently moved into the neighborhood.

Do you want to purchase the perfect housewarming gift? If so, you may need some ideas. Keep reading for some great gifts that help you say “welcome to the neighborhood” to anyone who recently moved into the area.

A Gift Card for Food

If you were trying to get settled into a brand-new home, the last thing you want to have to think about is cooking for everyone in the house. You can help save your new neighbor a bit of hassle by gifting them a meal.

Choose a gift card to a local restaurant, particularly a place that delivers. Keep in mind, pizza is almost always a great option. You can save a lot with Papa John coupon code if you plan to give to many. Your neighbors would surely be happy to receive one.

A Pretty Frame

Even if you don’t know the type of décor your new neighbor likes, you can’t go wrong with a pretty frame. This is a great gift for men and women alike, as everyone enjoys hanging up pictures of their family and friends in their home.

Purchasing artwork for someone you don’t yet know well can be risky, but if you like to make people happy with art, you may urge them to try Instapainting by giving them a gift card – nothing like custom artwork to make their new place feel like home.

Freshly Baked Treats

If you think about it, there’s no situation that isn’t going to get better when baked goods are involved. You can go to the local bakery and purchase a box of these treats, or you can make a batch of something sweet at home and take them to your new neighbors.

You can feel confident that if sugar and butter are involved, it’s a nice gift that’s going to be appreciated.

Fresh Flowers

Are you searching for a way to brighten up your neighbors’ new space? If so, purchase some beautiful and colorful blooms. Make sure to pick a coordinating vase that the person can use even after the flowers are gone.

Fresh flowers can help to reduce stress related to moving, and even provide an instant feeling of having the space put together. Without flowers, the space may seem somewhat empty.

Quality Storage Containers for Their Counter

Getting organized is hard. But when someone is moving into a new space, it’s the perfect time to get things in order.

You can help out your new neighbors with this otherwise tedious task by gifting them a set of high-quality storage containers for various types of food, that they can put in their cabinets or pantry.

Not only will these types of storage containers add an appealing and chic look to the space, they are also practical and long-lasting. You don’t even have to worry if the new neighbor has a set already – you can never have too much storage.

A Warm and Cozy Blanket

It doesn’t matter where you live or what the climate is – everyone loves a warm and cozy blanket. Choosing a blanket that is made of cotton, fleece, wool or some type of polyester blend provides superior softness and is a reasonably priced gift.

If you want something extremely nice, then go ahead and splurge on a blanket that is made out of cashmere, faux fur, or even mohair. If you aren’t sure what the color scheme is of their home, then choose a neutral color.

Choosing a “welcome” gift for your new neighbors isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Use the ideas here to find something that is perfect and that conveys the message “welcome to the neighborhood.”


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