Green Modern Residence in Singapore

In recent years, residential houses tend to have a more greener approach concerning their architecture. Today, we have an example of a green modern residence located in Singapore, which features green walls as an aesthetic way to insulate the house. Designed by Singapore-based studio Formwerkz Architects, the Maximum Garden House is a  wonderful three-storey private residence developed for a family with two children.

Its modern architectural design draws attention at first sight especially due to its exterior green wall, a feature which is increasingly integrated in the houses’ building for various reasons. For this house, designing a vertical green wall came  from the clients’ desire of having a more garden spaces. The solution suggested by architects reclaim surfaces otherwise normally neglected, being more like a curtain wall which not only ensures privacy and keep the rain out, but also acts as a canvas for beautification.

The curtain of plants gives the house an organic appearance, which we find even in house’s interior spaces. Another striking detail of the Maximum Garden House is a sloping roof deck that connects the indoor with the outdoor, the inclined plane reminding of an undulating terrain. Easy reachable, the purpose of this sloping roof terrace is spending time outdoors, sitting or lying down like one do in a park.


Photos: © Formwerkz.

Project details:

Name: The Maximum Garden House
Location: Singapore
Project type: House
Scale: S
Year: 2010


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