Gue(ho)st House Amazing Architectural Phantasmagoria Design

A remarkable veritable architectural phantasmagoria design can be seen in France, where the designers Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus created this unique sculptural and architectural Ghost House. 


The Gue(ho)st House was an ambitious project with the  purpose to transform a funeral building in a  wonderful masterpiece – a modern unique innovation ghost house. The designers created the perfect illusion for a living body like a ghost, by using the drips effect. The building was covered with a white veil construction material which drips into the surrounding area. This effect creates the sensation of a moving body, a ghost house. Ghost House or Gue(ho)st House is a building created for the use of the art center, commune and visitors, artists.


little bridge


source: Gue(ho)st House


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