Guide to Buying the Right Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to buying equipment for cleaning the floor or upholstery, the market is flooded with endless options. Each brand claiming to have a better product than the rest, it becomes quite difficult for a professional to pick one. 

These investments are made once in a while, so it is important that you research properly and then buy the machine. Rather than jumping to a conclusion, you should always take your time to research the product.

To make things easier for you, we have picked the best machines and products to give you a basic understanding of what’s trending in the market right now.

Floor Polishers

These polishers are the floor cleaning machines that have round brushes and pads used to scrub and polish floors. They are used to maintain the floors’ appearance and make them look smooth for a long time. Different floor polishing machines come with different attachments that are used for different purposes. 

They are also used to apply a protective coating on the floor.

Here are a few polishes to choose from:

1.Cimex CR48 Machine with Pad Holders Dry/Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Equipment

One of the best machines on the market, this floor polisher is not only pocket friendly, but it also helps you minimize cleaning time. It comes with a drive disc set that assists you with deep cleaning. 

The best part about this is that the company offers proper training to the users so that they can utilize the equipment to its maximum potential. And apart from this, you also get after-sales support to help you tackle issues that you might face in the future.

2. Truvox Floor Scrubber with Carpet Shampoo Brush

Another great polisher that performs an amazing job. The handling of this machine is super easy and has exceptional cleaning ability for carpet and hard floors. It also comes with an optional solution tank used for wet scrubbing. It has an ergonomic design for operator comfort and ease of use.

It is an ideal machine for almost every floor type. 

Another advantage of picking this brand is that they provide excellent after-sale services.

Upholstery Cleaner

The process of cleaning the fabric like cotton, leather, etc, that upholsters any furniture is known as upholstery cleaning. The upholstery is inspected first to make sure if there are any damages. After which the fabric is vacuumed and conditioned. Usually, all of this is done through steam cleaning. Here are the best handpicked upholstery steam cleaners for you.

American Sniper 80-2300 300 PSI

One of the best cleaners available on the market, this machine is portable and is perfect for commercial and residential use. This feature-packed machine with modern ergonomics is ideal for upholstery cleaning and flood recovery.

Along with this machine, you will also get all the accessories as a starter kit. The benefit of choosing this brand is that it provides lifetime technical support, and you also get online tutorials to understand this product and its functioning. 

Kanga 1600 PSI

 One of the most powerful machines available in this segment, this one is surely here to make upholstery cleaning easy. A versatile machine that can easily clean small to large upholstery with great ease and satisfying results. This brand also provides you with lifetime technical services, and you also get proper online training on HOW TO USE THE PRODUCT, etc.

These were a few of our choices in these specific segments. They were carefully picked, keeping in mind the professional’s requirements. We hope this helped you in making a decision or led you towards one.


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