Handmade Metal Coffee Table

Coffee Table is an important element in interior design. When you want to buy a coffee table must take into account the place where it is located and a very important feature, the table can you place a piece of scenery, starting from this idea I thought as a metal  table coffee made ​​by hand is adapted to many types of interior design. Sometimes this piece to highlight that when made ​​by famous designers can get great value and can attach both in combination with furniture but in contrast with it.I will present a model particularly coffee table from designer Jeremy Maronpot which made ​​a great coffee table model hand made, but the examples do not stop there. This coffee table combines several metals such as steel, copper, brass as well as materials such as oak wood and glass.

The steel was well worked by heating and then bent and welded, forms, textures that are seen on the surface of brass are the result of carefully melting the metal with a torch. This table is covered with a thick glass which makes it a piece of interior design with features identical coffee tables made ​​automatically.


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