Handmade Origami Pendant Light by blaanc

We always liked origami handmade items for interior design and we never miss the opportunity to show you our discoveries regarding this subject. Talented designers all over the world create amazing objects with intrincate designs using this traditional Japanese art of paper folding called origami, helping in this way homeowners to beautify and personalize their interiors.

We recently see Orikomi, a wonderful handmade pendant lamp produced in Portugal and envisioned by a young, international design team called blaanc. It draw attention through its alluring design, elegant and simple in its visual effect, yet complex to create. The suspended lamp create a cosy, warm light in any environment, and the fact that comes in an extensive combinations of colors, makes it suitable for a variety of rooms and styles. Orikomi is made of high quality art paper and cardboard, and it comes with a cord set and mounting instructions. Be aware that such lamps should only be used with an energy saving light (or any similar fixtures with low heat generation).  Take a look on these images!






Photos © blaanc

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