Handy Tips For Choosing The Right Envelope

When looking for envelopes that will stand out, you need to think differently as well. We suggest you go for great metallic foil envelopes with different color variations to suit your themes. You might come across a lot of options available, so here are some tips for picking the right envelope.

Choose a trusted seller

When you buy an envelope from a renowned seller, you assure yourself a quality. Purchasing from a brand name gives backing to the product. It makes the company accountable for its reputation and to offer you a good deal. 

Your use of envelopes must reflect your taste and choice. This is not restricted only to the look but goes beyond to the making. This is why you need to depend solely on a company that is capable of giving you value for your money.

Know the size

Depending on what the purpose is, your envelope would vary in size. You do not want it to be too small because of obvious reasons. But it should also not be too big, or it would look shabby. Make sure you have it fit right for the purpose you need it for.

The size of the envelope is also one of the first things someone notices about the package. It is used to anticipate the contents of the envelope. So, it should be restricted to conveying the said purpose effectively without any space for misinterpretation or wrong judgment.

Match the color

The color of the envelope has got to do with multiple aspects of the package. It defines the sender, you, and the purpose of the package subtly. It is helpful if you match the vibe to the envelope. This will help the receiver get an idea about the tone of what they received.

Your theme gets space to be incorporated in the color. You can choose a pattern or design as well. This will give the first impression of your parcel, much like the size. Thus, make sure you give proper thought into picking a color for your envelope.


Just like the size is essential to know the best fit and fold, so is the shape. Depending upon the material, though, the availability might be limited. So, you need to accommodate these as per your priority.

For some purposes, rectangular, themed envelopes do the trick just fine. For others, you might need a portrait or a square specifically. The shape of the envelope should be aimed at keeping the least empty space after contents have been put.

Check for protection elements

If you are sending a package that is fragile or easily damageable, this is especially important. But if you are even sending documents, this is quite relevant. Unless you can rely on the tracking procedure, your envelope stands at risk of being harmed. 

These protection elements depend on your needs. You can use water and tear resistance foil material for the packaging of clothing. Similarly, you can avail of a bubble wrap for breakables.


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