Epoxy Resin – Tricks To Use It

You must have seen a lot of videos on the internet of people using epoxy resin for various purposes. However, those videos only show the use of it and not all the facts and problems around it. You should know that using it is not as easy as shown in those videos. While using epoxy resin for any purpose, you might encounter a lot of issues, and you must know everything about them. Only then you can perform your task without any problems. 

If you want to know everything about epoxy resin, you can visit here: Fluid-painting.com. They have mentioned everything that you need to know about the product. Along with those details, here are some tricks that might come handy to you while using epoxy resin. But before we move on to the tricks, let’s first see a few use cases of it. 

Epoxy Resin Uses

You can use epoxy resin for various purposes. Some of the most common things for which people use it are:

  • Moulds and figure casting
  • Waterproof sealant
  • Various home projects
  • Fun jewellery 
  • Decorative objects
  • A top coat for wooden objects
  • As an adhesive
  • As an industrial tool to bind products

There are several other uses of epoxy resin that you can readily find on the internet. However, these purposes do not mean that the product is easy to handle. 

Tricks For Epoxy Resin

If you are wondering that the people in the videos use epoxy resin quite smoothly, then you must know that they are probably experts. They have a lot of experience around it, and that is why they can handle it so effortlessly. And that does not mean that you can do the same. 

Some of the tricks that you should know before pouring epoxy resin on your hands are:

The Colouring Options

Epoxy resin is a colourless product. If you want to make it more exciting, you need to mix in some colours with it. But you must know that you can not mix just any colour with the resin. To get the two appropriately combined, you have to use a dry pigment. Any dry pigment would work with epoxy resin. 

If you have liquid or paste colours, then you have to check their compatibility with the resin. If they are compatible, then you can mix any quantity of the colour without worrying about anything. However, if they are not compatible, then you need to limit the amount on the colour to only a few drops. Otherwise, the colour can disrupt the properties of the resin by making it sticky or porous. 

Destroying The Bubbles

The epoxy resin hardens when it becomes dry. The process of becoming solid from liquid can leave a few air bubbles in between the product. Not only these bubbles look bad, but they also make the surface a little vulnerable as compared to the no-bubble epoxy resin. To avoid these bubbles and make the product tough, here are some tricks that you can try:

  • Do not mix the product vigorously as it can introduce bubbles into the product. 
  • Mix it for a little longer.
  • Do not pour the product right after mixing; leave it for a few minutes without any disturbance. 
  • Try not to pour the liquid from too much height. It should be poured from a lower elevation to avoid bubble formation. 
  • Once the liquid has settled on the surface, you can pass a flame from its side. It will burst any bubbles present on the top of it.

Control The Heat Release

When the liquid turns into a solid-state, a chemical reaction takes place. During this reaction, epoxy resin releases some heat. The volume of heat increases with the thickness of the product poured at one place. And excessive heat can cause bubbles, cracks, and darkening of the product. 

To avoid all these problems, you need to limit heat production. For doing so, you can pour epoxy resin in batches. You can begin by creating a thin layer of the product on the surface, and when that one starts to dry off, you can pour another layer. It will avoid producing too much heat at once, which will keep the product safe. 


You can summarize the tricks into two points, accurate mixing and correct temperature. With these points in mind, you can make your epoxy resin experience smooth and more comfortable. Remember to use an excellent quality product and learn everything about epoxy resin before using it.  


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