Hate Bugs? Tips On How To Be Your Own Exterminator

If there is one problem that homeowners would not want to experience it will likely be pest infestation. Whether they are rats, roaches, or other kinds of bugs, they are all capable of bringing tons of headaches to homeowners. Calling a pro is what most homeowners do to address the problem. But did you know that you can be your own exterminator? Let’s take a look at some DIY pest control techniques you can pull off at home.

Use boric acid

To address roach infestation, you can try using boric acid. This is one of the most potent chemicals against roaches. Get a bottle of the powder and puff them into the cracks and crevices around your house. Roaches walk through the powder as they feed on it. But little do they know that they are bound to be poisoned to death.

Simple powder works

If you are the type who doesn’t want to use boric acid and other chemicals, you can stick to safer alternatives like flour or chalk. All you need to do is to fill up those same cracks with any of these powders and then the bugs will try to avoid crossing it.

This is not fool-proof but some homeowners vouch for its efficacy. The powder creates a dry environment, which is problematic for bugs and insects that need moisture.

Use some vinegar

Are you sick and tired of flies swarming around your house? Believe it or not, vinegar may be the one thing that can stop them from ruining your day. Take some vinegar, apple cider if you have one, and put an ample amount in a cup. Cover it with plastic wrap that you will puncture with holes.

The idea behind the vinegar trap is that flies will enter the cup through the holes. Once they enter, they will get stuck in the vinegar and eventually die. To easily attract flies, you can mix some fruit with the vinegar. Most houses for sale in Washington DC have already addressed pest issues before listing.

The soda can

The same concept has been used against wasps during those barbecue afternoons. Take a can of soda and leave it open in an area that is far from the barbecue. In a matter of minutes, wasps will swarm the soda can and get stuck inside. Be careful though, as some of your guests might tip the can over. Or some of them may mistake it for a can that’s still good for drinking.

These are just some of the simple remedies against pest infestation. But when things become too extreme to handle, it is always wise to call a professional exterminator. If you are looking for the perfect Washington DC real estate property contact a trusted real estate agent.



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