Have At- Home Plumbing Emergencies? Find Fresh Water Sources to Survive.

No families want to experience the lack of fresh water in their homes. But, can you stay away from the problem at all times? Maybe not. 

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Plumbing leaks or frozen pipes are known to cut the freshwater supply in your homes. Emergency scenarios and disasters may leave your home with no water for an extended period. Thus, having a good supply of clean and fresh water at all times swears to meet your most basic household needs. It can be pretty easy to store your water for a long time. 

You want your plumbing repair process to take place pretty quickly, and your water supply isn’t off for long. But what if these plumbing issues leave you without fresh water for a long time? The best you can do is have adequate new water sources to attain a sigh of relief in the future time. 

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Hopefully, the plumbing repairs will take place quickly so that your water supply won’t be off for long. But if the plumbing issue continues to leave you without any freshwater, look for some other water sources available in your very own home.

What are the freshwater sources for plumbing emergencies?

You may find gallons of freshwater around your Las Vegas home in your water heater tank. Route the water from the tank by attaching a garden hose to flush out the faucet. This faucet may be located in your front or bottom part of your tank. 

Filter the water because of the presence of built-up sentiments inside the tank. The water will taste sour and cause some health problems if water isn’t suitable to drink. Just take a sample of water in the glass and let the same sit for an hour. You’ll see the sediments falling back to the bottom to see if water is suitable to drink or not. 

The sedimentation process enables you to judge if water is safe to drink or if filtration is necessary or not. Another place to obtain water during emergencies can be your commode’s storage tank. Although, nobody would want to do that thinking the idea is gross. This step is essential while you’re looking for plumbing services in Las Vegas as it is only the freshwater that suffices your needs. Yes, at least till your HVAC systems get in working condition. 

Note that the water is fresh to use after its filtration and purification process. You can either boil the water or use chlorine. People in Las Vegas usually undertake this step every time a plumbing repair issue crops out. 

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Purifying and Filtering Water

Now that your plumbing is out, you need to use the water from the toilet tank or water heater to use bleach for purification. It may seem gross, but you have no other option other than this step. Chlorine bleach manufacturers insist on using bleach for purifying water. 

The best method would be filtering the water first and then treating the same with a chlorine bleach solution. Add around one quart of water and two drops of bleach. Add three drops in case water is cloudy. Now let the water sit for 30 minutes after purifying the same. Another option is to boil the water. 

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Ensure preparing yourself for the same because you may face power issues, if not plumbing issues. 

Know your Local Plumbing Service- Do they have 24/7 urgent repairs?

Always have a local plumber who’s available for all plumbing emergencies. After all, you don’t want to sit back and watch your family suffer from problems due to unhealthy water consumption. 

Yet, keep in mind that the water supply can be off for a while. This issue may be the result of a problem with your main water plumbing lines. 


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