Here Are The Best New Homeowners Gifts of 2019

If a friend or family member has just moved into a new home or is updating all or part of their home, there are several gifts you can give to participate in the celebration. Owning a home is an important milestone and the meaningful gifts you present your loved ones will make the occasion even more significant. Here are 10 of the best homeowner gifts to present to the ones you care about this year.

1. Welcome Mat

The welcome mat is one of the first things people see when they get to the front door of a home. You can purchase a welcome mat for a family member that reflects his/her personality. Custom welcome mats with the family name or monogram are also available from PersonaliziationMall. You can make the mat an even more impressive gift by choosing colors and designs that match the home and the recipient’s sense of style.

2. Photo Blankets

Pictures are one of the best ways to capture memories and meaningful events with your children, parents, siblings and close friends. A custom blanket from Collage allows you to display the photos of the people who mean the most to you could make a beautiful gift for homeowners. The pictures on the blanket can capture memories that are associated with the home as well, such as the owners getting the keys to the house or bringing a new baby home. Photo blankets are available in fleece for soft, light feel, as well as sherpa or a woven pattern.

3. Wine Bag and Cooler

Are you heading to a housewarming party soon? Bring a wine bag and cooler to the homeowners for a gift they can use now and later. Fill the bag with their favorite wine; the cooler feature on the wine bag gives the wine a nice chill that enhances the taste. Once the wine is gone, the gift recipients can fill the bag with another bottle of their favorite beverage to transport wherever they go.

4. Key Tag/Ring

This small token can make your friends and family appreciate their new home even more. Every time they turn the key to their abode, they’ll see their initials or an inspiring phrase on a key ring. You can even visit a jeweler to get a key chain made of precious metal so your loved one will keep the gift for years to come.

5. Succulent Subscription Box

You can help your friends fill their new home with organic plants by buying a short-term succulent subscription box. Your family member or friend will receive two succulents every month for as long as the subscription is active. This is a gift that keeps giving each month and is a way to remind your relative that you care and want their home to include plants that are easy to care for.

6. Stainless Steel Snack Bowls

Stainless steel matches any kitchen decor and makes a great addition to the home. Chances are your relatives will take a little time unpacking, and you’ll want to give them some dishes that they can use any time while they’re in the process of creating a one-of-a-kind kitchen space. The bowls are also visually appealing and are perfect for entertaining guests.

7. Melamie Plates

In the spirit of making the kitchen one of the most welcoming parts of the home, you can give your friends melamie plates as a housewarming gift. The plates come in a variety of designs and colors, so you’re sure to find a plate set that the recipient will love. The center of the plate is adorned with your recipient’s initials or monogram to make the gift even more personal. For instance, if you know the colors or patterns that your friend will use for the kitchen, you can purchase plates in polka dots or a specific shade of pink so the gifts can be displayed on plate stands on the kitchen cabinets.

8. Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

If your loved ones are moving during the winter or you want to give a gift your relatives can use in the cold weather, a canister of gourmet hot chocolate mix is a delicious gift the entire family can enjoy. A cup of hot cocoa is a tasty treat for family movie night or any time the recipient(s) want to get a chocolate fix. You can also add to the gift by placing some gourmet cookies, brownies or a tin or butterscotch or mints. Brownies and cookies are great with hot chocolate, and the candies can be added to the hot chocolate to create a new flavor.

9. Pet Portrait

A personalized pet portrait from is a wonderful way to make the entire family feel welcome in their new home. This piece of artwork is specific to the gift recipients since it showcases the family pet(s) in an elegant and artistic way. If you’re going to a housewarming celebration, you can prepare the gift by looking through family photos to see if there’s a picture with the family pet. Or, you can snap a candid photo of your loved one’s cat or dog during a casual visit. There are several companies that allow you to send in the digital portrait of the pet and receive the portrait version of the photo. Add a finishing touch to the gift like a metallic frame or an engraved frame with a short, loving message.

10. Bed Sheets and Accessories

Finally, new sheets, towels and washcloths can be a welcomed gift for new homeowners. It’s best to purchase these items in neutral shades to ensure they match the home’s decor. If you’re looking for bed sheets as a gift, find a set with a high thread count, since this makes for more comfortable sheets and ensures that the sheets will last longer. You can also bring decorative accessories for the bedroom like a bed skirt and pillow shams. Be sure to find out the size of the mattress before making your purchase, and customize the gift by ordering monogrammed pillowcases for a stylish and thoughtful housewarming present.


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