Himeji Castle Famous by it’s Unique Architecture

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I was thinking a few days ago to introduce in my blog a page especially for architectural world castles. What do you think about that? There are many famous castles in this wonderful world with a rich history and unbelievable architectural design that for sure must be told to the world. Of course, I will only share with you the part which include the architectural design and trust me it is a lot to tell. Ok let’s start!

Himeji Castle have you ever heard of it? I bet you do. it is the largest castle in Japan with an specific architecture and design, associated with Japanese castles. It is a fusion between vintage Japanese art and tactically-superior defensive power Himeji Castle it is also called the “White Heron” because of it’s white plastered walls.

Its mixture architectural design of a complicated spiral labyrinth pattern in its inner walls that confused many attackers during times of war before. The castle has a network of 83 buildings such as storehouses, gates, corridors, and turrets Of these 83 buildings, 74 are designated as Important Cultural Assets: 11 corridors, 16 turrets, 15 gates, and 32 earthen walls. The most important thing that it has to be mentioned is that the Himeji castle was declared as a national treasure and a world heritage site in 1993 by UNESCO. As you can see from the picture and the movie form youtube, the main materials used to built the structures of Himeji Castle are stones and woods which is quite very specific because a castle built of too much wood it’s gives you a nice traditional feelling. And also what impress me at the Himeji Castle was it’s unique architecture that you can see also from the picture where the feudal family crests are installed throughout the architecture of the building. This symbolize the various lords that inhabited the castle throughout its history.
So if you would like to go visit Japan don’t forget to pass to Himeji Calste.
Source: wikipedia

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