Home Automation: Battling Central Heating Issues and Dishwashing

Home automation is something that used to be just pure science fiction. At the start of the 21st century, over 20 years ago, who would have thought that it would be possible to control certain parts of your house with just an app from your phone or with a single word uttered for Voice command?

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A new trend rising in the market are smart homes. Smart homes are real estate properties that are well-equipped with devices that would communicate and follow your orders wirelessly. 

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There are now hundreds of household appliances that you can buy to make your living experience much more comfortable. For example, light bulbs that you can turn on and off with an app on your phone, or window shades that close with a simple voice command are now everyday items that you can order off of Amazon. However, there are some that still choose to use manual blinds like this here

 I have listed down below some of the best devices and appliances that will make your home life much more comfortable.


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One of the worst problems to have is central heating issues, especially during bitter winter nights. Despite three layers of blankets, you can still feel the freezing air. A Bediator is a radiator that conveniently turns into a comfortable bed at night. It also has a convenient LED display that shows the current room temperature and date. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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If you hate cleaning then these robot vacuum cleaners are going to be your new best friend. Equipped with industrial-strength vacuum tubes and sensors to avoid furniture and walls, these robot vacuum cleaners can be left to work on their own once you leave the house. They guarantee that you come home to a clean apartment every day.

Smart Wi-Fi capable LED light bulbs

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A smart light bulb is connected to the Internet. It grants its users the ability to customize, schedule and control its functions remotely through their smartphones. The majority of these bulbs are fully equipped to alter their brightness and even change colours.

Wireless Smart Speakers

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Smart speakers create the illusion of a continuous and ongoing conversation with the Internet. Brands have now created their own Intelligent Virtual Assistant (i.e. Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant). While they can be accessed with a phone, smart speakers are always listening. You don’t have to turn on your phone for these Virtual Assistants to listen to any of your commands.

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A simple sentence like “Hi Siri” or “Hey Google” will immediately activate these virtual assistants and from there, you already have access to the online world. You can ask it for the news, weather, and even play music.

Surveillance Cameras

  Your security and protection is a priority. With crime rates skyrocketing right now, it has become a necessity to install surveillance systems in and around your home to prevent any unwanted occurrences. A smart CCTV system continuously records and streams the activities outside your house. This video feed can be accessed with a computer or a smartphone. Users can sleep much more comfortably at night when they know they’re well protected. Some are even equipped with motion sensors that would pick up even the smallest hint of movement.

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Smart Air Purifier

A smart air purifier helps to maintain the air circulation and humidity inside your room, ensuring that it’s not too damp or too dry, This allows the residents to breathe without difficulty.

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Individuals with respiratory problems find it much easier to sleep with an air purifier inside the room. This device can be programmed depending on the current humidity of the space it is in. Additionally, essential oils may be added to help get rid of strong odors present in the room.

Upgraded Kitchen Appliances

When you have a fully-equipped smart kitchen, we guarantee that you will never spend a second thinking of getting takeout or delivery ever again. An intelligent kitchen has a lot of benefits:

  1. You’ll be the one cooking which means you get to choose which ingredients go in your meal
  2. Cooking is done faster, making it easier for you to invite large groups of people into your home without having to worry about what you will serve them
  3. With programmable timers and temperature sensors, you are assured that you won’t burn any of your dishes
  4. You can try and experiment with other culinary techniques like sous vide
  5. You can program your appliances to have a hot meal waiting for you at the end of the day
  6. You can use best water softener salt for sensitive skin for protecting your hands.

Eco Dish Cleaner

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 Of course, after eating, there’s the washing up that you have to worry about. Well, think again. An Eco Dish Cleaner is not your ordinary dishwasher. It ionizes food particles left on the plates by using ultrasonic waves. An Eco Dish Cleaner also uses advanced technology to convert food waste into compost. Aside from its compatibility, the Eco Dish Cleaner is also known for its sustainability as it is solar-powered.


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