Home Interior Design Tips for Beginners

Home design is something that most people don’t think about a great deal – they just arrange their home as feels natural. However, it is worth knowing a couple of basic home design tips in order to avoid some of the more common mistakes that newbies make.

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Use the Centre of Your Room

One of the most common mistakes made by those who are designing their first interior space is to push all of their furniture up against the walls. This is something that we do instinctively, but it is not always the best solution. In many rooms, you can really improve the look and feel of it by experimenting more with your furniture placement and in particular where you position it in relation to your walls.

Of course, there are some pieces that will only really work when against a wall, and others that are designed for it. Open-backed shelves can look great when they’re allowed to flow away from the wall rather than along it. Sometimes, even a few centimetres of space between your furniture and the wall can create a worthwhile effect.

Pick Your Paint Last

Another common beginners’ mistake is to paint the room before doing anything else. In fact, painting the room should be one of the last things on your list. It is much better to pick out the furniture that you want and then pick the paint colour to match. This is obvious when you think about it – clearly, the furniture is the most important aspect of a room, it is the furniture that defines a room. Your choice of interior painter should colour related to your furniture choices, not vice-versa.

Some people have difficulty ignoring the existing colour of their walls when they’re picking their furniture; it’s definitely not easy convincing your brain to ignore the information and visualise the furniture in isolation. You can understand why people decide to remove the furniture, paint the room, and then add new furniture. 

The best solution here is to give your walls a temporary coat of paint in a neutral colour. You don’t have to do a fantastic paint job, just enough to help you visualise things more easily. 

Choosing Wall Art for Wall Decor

An empty wall looks very boring. If you want to make your room a space where you can talk with the wall when there is no one around you then black and white animal pictures will help you enjoy your day. Art always motivates you and your family.

Choose Your Kitchen and Bathroom Carefully

You want to get both your kitchen and your bathroom right the first time. The reason for this is simple – these rooms are expensive to put right if you get them wrong. We recommend getting both your kitchen and bathroom from a professional home design business like the Home Design Group – https://thehomedesigngroup.co.uk/. Working with the same people for both rooms will make it much easier to find a consistent look for both rooms.

If you make the wrong choice for either of these rooms now, you will end up paying for it later. If you are planning to one day sell the property, then having an ugly kitchen or bathroom can make a sale more difficult. Buyers know that it will cost them a lot to fix these rooms if they aren’t up to scratch and will factor these costs into their decisions.

Designing the space within your home should always be fun. If you have never done it before, then it can be hard to know where to begin, but there’s no shame in calling in some professional help if you need it.


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