Home Office Design Tips To ‘Trick’ You Into Being More Productive

Finding the perfect balance at home when working is essential for both your well-being and overall levels of productivity.

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It’s difficult enough as it is to remain focused when working in your personal space, but fortunately, there are some easy hacks that can essentially trick you into being more productive! 

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  1. Designate a working space 

If you plan to work in bed or on your sofa, then you are setting yourself up to fail. You must have a designated workspace at home, which is why you should have a spare room, office, or a part of a room that can be fashioned into an office of sorts. 

If you don’t have a spare room to utilise, you can use decorative screens to separate your workspace from the rest of the room, thus sectioning off your space and making it feel more like an office. 

When looking for a new property, it’s always worth ensuring that you will have plenty of extra space to utilise for working from home. Take the townhouses in Patio Srinakarin Rama 9 as an excellent example. 

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  1. De-cluttering is essential 

Clutter is notorious for negatively impacting productivity. Make sure you take some time to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter in your workspace, leaving your desk free and clear. A de-cluttered space means a de-cluttered mind after all. 

  1. Opt for low-maintenance materials that are easy to keep clean 

Keeping a clean working space is equally as important as de-cluttering. One simple way to do this is by opting for materials that are low-maintenance and otherwise easy to keep clean. 

There are some inspiring decorative floor ideas that can not only enhance the aesthetic charm of your space, but enable you to easily keep your environment clean as well. 

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  1. Throw in plenty of nature 

Plants are excellent mood boosters and are proven to help improve concentration in the workplace. Not only can they purify the very air that you breathe, but they are also great company! Just make sure you choose plants that are relatively easy to maintain – you don’t want to spend most of your time trying to keep them alive. 

  1. Always put your comfort first 

Invest in quality furniture that will allow you to stay comfortable when working for longer periods of time. Ergonomic chairs are the perfect example of maximising your comfort levels while providing plenty of lumbar support for that lower back of yours! 

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam ✪ on Unsplash
  1. Incorporate a healthy distraction area 

It’s important to take regular breaks throughout your working day, particularly when you’ll spend most of your time seated. Just make sure that you have healthy distractions, such as exercise machines, weights, books, and other physical and mentally stimulating accessories. Stay away from the TV and Xbox! 

  1. Inject plenty of colour 

When customising your workspace, take your time to research colour psychology and opt for a colour scheme that will be beneficial for your mood and productivity levels. Blue for example, can help you increase your levels of focus, while also making you feel calmer.


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