House Preparation Advice for Home Renovations

So, you have decided it’s high time for some home renovations! This can be one of the most exciting ways you can create a home that you love – however, it can also be incredibly stressful.

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Making the right preparations in advance of your home renovations is a great way to keep the stress to a minimum and ensure that your property is ready for the changes that are about to happen. Read on to find out more.

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Make a list

When preparing your home for renovations, it will be necessary to box up and move your things around to stop them from getting in the way. You will also probably have a lot of strangers in your home during this time – so making a clear list of your possessions and where they are stored is vital for helping you keep track (and it will make getting organised a lot easier when it comes to repositioning everything).

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Remember the basics

Ahead of work being done, you will want to think about whether you know where your water switches off, and how to turn off your home’s electricity. This could be a vital part of major renovations being done, so knowing in advance can help to make everything go more smoothly. On the same note, you may want to think about how realistic it is to continue living in your property during renovations if your power sources need to be turned off.

Donate and sell

When you are renovating your space, you may notice that you have more possessions than you thought. Whether it is an unexpected box of old books shoved under your bed or bicycles your kids outgrew, you may find yourself wanting a fresh start. This is a great time to clear the decks of clutter. You can even sell some of your nicer, newer items online or locally in order to make a little extra cash to fund your home makeover. And if you end up donating most of your old, unwanted goods, then you can feel great about that, too!

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Clear your space

It is nearly impossible to carry out home renovations of any scale with all your possessions and furniture still inside. Even if you are planning to do complete renovations room by room, it can be difficult to accommodate moving large items around your home. Self storage is the perfect way of keeping your items safe and out of the way of home renovations so they don’t become damaged. That way you can simply move them back in once your house is ready.

We hope that with these handy hints and top tips, you are feeling ready to tackle a home renovation and enjoy a fresh new space that truly feels like yours.


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