How Automation And Building Management Systems (BMS) Can Help You Save Up On Utility Bills

What with sky-high electricity rates worldwide, no household is safe from consistently escalating utility bills!

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The big question mark is how you can cut back on the level of electricity consumption in your home so as to save up on these pesky bills. This is a tough question, since 99% of our everyday household activities use up electricity in some way or another.

The answer? Automation!


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Many recent studies have shown that automated homes consume a lot less energy and can be much more easily maintained than non-automated homes.

By far, the greatest chunk of your energy bill comes from costs such as heating and cooling, lighting and appliance usage. Now you can greatly curtail these expenses by installing a sophisticated, hi tech, computer-based energy control system known as the Building Management System (BMS).


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A BMS takes control of three key areas of home maintenance:

  • General home environment, by regulating the lighting system and the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • Added security, by providing CCTV entrance footage
  • A safer home atmosphere, through a sophisticated alarm system including access entrance and fire alarms

With this system, you can monitor your daily energy consumption. The BMS is basically a monitoring structure that keeps tabs on your home’s electrical equipment and fittings. This computerized network has interior and exterior sensors that can detect luminance, temperature and pressure, air quality, humidity, and even oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, etc. In this way, the amount of electricity and energy consumption at any given time can be determined.

Installing an automated BMS in your home will benefit you on many levels. Firstly, this automation makes for an improved and upgraded home environment that is ideal and safe for your family. The BMS ensures your home is protected from crises like burglary and theft, fire hazards and flooding. Secondly, this system will ensure a more efficient management of your electrical equipment, as appliances will now be working at their optimum ability. This way, you will also make savings on repair, maintenance, and servicing costs. Thirdly, you will also save up on hiring a local electrical contractor, since your energy system is now fully automated. Fourthly, you can get a minute-by-minute performance report about your equipment. Any failure or discrepancy in the electrical and mechanical network will be picked up and reported so you can get it fixed.

While the cost of installing the BMS is rather high, you can compensate by making significant energy savings as a result. Now you can live a more tension-free life, unhampered by astronomically high energy bills!

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