How Can an Interior Designer Increase Your Property Value?

2021 saw a change in the way people spend their holidays.

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Holidaying at home was the biggest thing for that moment, thanks to COVID restrictions. To add, remote work required that about 4 in 10 Australians renovate their home. Home offices saw a jump of 39% in popularity, followed by the kitchens and children’s rooms.

Melbourne is one of the most livable cities in the world due to its affordable healthcare, quality education, robust infrastructure, and excellent business opportunities. Over a third of the people living there were not born in Australia. The location also gets about 2.5 million international visitors each year. 

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Melbourne can be a great place to own and sell the property with so much happening. If you consider upgrading the property, here’s how Melbourne’s interior designers can help you.

Make Rooms Seem Bigger

With advanced engineering and minimalist designs, professional interior designers in Melbourne can make rooms appear larger than they are. Replacing the furniture, adding more mirrors, removing the drapes and rugs, emphasising the horizontal and vertical lines, and having a clear pathway are some of the tricks that the specialists will use to make the rooms appear prominent. When the rooms reflect airiness, buyers will feel more space for their buck.

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Kitchen Ideas

Whether you are a takeout or a cooking enthusiast, the kitchen is your recreational haven in the house. You spend a significant amount of your awake time there, eating, drinking, and cooking. 

Therefore, it should be on the top of your renovation to add value to your home. Small changes can go a long way. If the cabinets are in great shape, you can simply apply a fresh coat and swap out the handles for the new ones. 

Hence, the kitchen needs to draw attention. The latest trend in countertops is natural materials such as quartz or granite. The interior designer will also recommend updating some outdated appliances to make the kitchen more attractive to potential buyers.

Trendy and Fashionable

Potential buyers find a modern home appealing over an old-looking one. Since interior designers are abreast with the latest trends in home designs, they can make your home appear chic and fashionable. You are bound to get a higher than expected offer for the house due to the latest design trends.

Tie It Together

While each room is unique, you still need a few common elements to tie it all together. While you may be losing how to do so, since each room has a different motif, a designer will know what will make it work. It could be a colour scheme or furniture that can give the home a more unified and appealing look to the buyers.

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Functional and Appealing

Apart from the design, you will always want a room that meets its intended purpose. Therefore, you should also focus on the functionality, not only on the appeal when considering a renovation. Professional home interior specialists will know how to make each nook and cranny work for your home. They will not let any space go to waste.

Efficient and Economical

Interior designers may seem quite expensive when you start getting quotes. The average renovation rates in Melbourne are AUD50 to AUD65 per hour. It may go further high depending on the extent of the renovation. That said, hiring professionals to handle the renovation can provide significant savings as these designers have contacts that can help them source materials at low costs.

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These professionals can help increase the value of your home significantly in the ways mentioned above. They allow you to save considerably while providing the latest and trending designs. Also, you can spend your valuable time on important aspects of life and let the experts handle the renovation.


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