How Can I Remove Dog Urine Odor from Carpet

Pets are the most wonderful blessings, no doubt; they cheer you up when you’re sad, make you laugh with their cuteness, and spread a jolly environment around.

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Everything goes well and pleasant until your dog finally throws a ‘poo-poo’ on your favorite carpet –trust me, things get unbearable and messier.

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No matter how mannered and disciplined your dog is, he’ll always love peeing on your carpet every now and then. That’s what they love to do, and once they see their stained territory, they’ll carry on urinating over it again and again.

The carpet being most absorbent not let even traces of urine go away; it absorbs the liquids frequently. And when such an accident happens, you must stand and take any action immediately.

It’s not difficult to clean the urine from the carpet; the real challenge starts right when your room becomes smelly.

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Here, we have mentioned some best ways to remove urine odors most effectively. Plus, you can try some best Bissell Carpet Cleaners enlisted by authenticpick to get the job done.

Tips for Removing Odor from a Fresh Urine Stain

If you see your dog peeing on your carpet, don’t sit and wait for something. You immediately have to take action to prevent the smell from absorbing in the deeper layer of the carpet.

1.    Locate the pee

If you haven’t seen your dog peeing and don’t exactly know the smelly spot, you have to stand up and start scrutinizing the carpet.

Trust me, the more you’ll delay, the more time pee gets to absorb into the carpet perfectly. Ultimately, things get unbearable –and smelly too.

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2.    Soak it right away

After locating the smelly spot, soak the urine by using wet rags or paper towels. Make sure you absorb the urine well, and it isn’t left behind on the surface.

Use as much water to soak that particular part well. If you’ve got an extracting wet vacuum, you can for sure bring that into play to get the job done without making any further mess.

3.    How about if you neutralize the odor right away?

So here’s the most anticipated step that you’re probably looking for. You have to douse the smelly spot in any enzymatic cleaner or prepare the solution at home.

Enzymatic cleaners are an ideal solution to get rid of pet urine stains and odors. It’s the most important thing pet owners must have in their gadgets if they don’t want any mess.

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It breaks the urine molecules into simpler substances to eliminate the odors. You’ll get several types in the market.

But what if you want to prepare it at home? Don’t worry! It’s quite simple. Start from mixing the apple cider or white vinegar into the water, making sure to take a 1:1 ratio of both, and let it sit for five minutes before you apply –and that’s it!

The acidic content of vinegar neutralizes the bacteria from the dog’s urine while offsetting its putrid smell. This DIY technique is quite eco-friendly, cheaper, effective, and safe for your doggy too.

4.    Sprinkle some baking soda

Once you have prepared and applied the vinegar mixture, next is the fun part of this journey. Sprinkling some doses of baking soda will further neutralize the odors from that smelly spot.

It’s a kind of fun too because you’ll love the reaction of vinegar and baking soda. You’ll see the foamy material appearing from this reaction. Well, apply it evenly on the carpet and set it down for 24 hours.

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Make sure to cover this whole baking soda vinegar thing with a damp towel. Rinse it with fresh water and dry it away. You can also use a vacuum cleaner too.

5.    Freshen up

Here’s the final element to end up your battle with dog urine in your precious carpet.

If you’re allergic to the foul urine smells or you want to make your indoors healthy and pristine, you can ensure it by using any fabric pet odor eliminator.

Trust me; these odor eliminators remove even traces of smell left behind in the deeper carpet layers. Make sure you buy a good one. Apply it once the carpet is bone-dry, and that’s it!

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Tips for Eliminating Old Urine Odor

We understand how challenging things get if you leave the urine for the whole good night. The smell becomes even more putrid and stale, demanding a lot more effort to deal with it.

Here’s what you need to do!

  • The first thing you’ve to do is locate the exact place where the carpet is eradicating the smelly rays.
  • Using a sniffer might help you in this arduous operation –it will let you know when you’ve found it.

The mild urine stain

If a urine stain is mild, you have to take warm water with a little mild dish soap. Mix water and soap well until you see a foamy texture forming.

Pour it onto the stained carpet. Blot it with a paper towel and rub it hard until you remove the stain.

The resilient urine stain

You have to follow the complete step-by-step guide to deal with a stubborn stain.

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  • Take white vinegar or apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio. Mix it properly.
  • Soak a rag or clean cloth in this mixture and blot it over the carpet’s stained area.
  • If the stain is still not getting away, pour some solution directly onto the carpet and scrub it with a brush or cloth.
  • Let it sit down for some time to get dried.
  • Next, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet to neutralize the smell of vinegar and pee.
  • Take a pinch of dish soap and mix it into a half cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Pour this solution onto the stain and scrub gently with a scrubbing brush or a harsh cloth.

Most probably, this technique will get the pee smell out of the deep carpet layers. It will neutralize the scents so that your dog won’t find this spot to urinate again.

You can also apply any pet odor neutralizer if you don’t have enough time to try this DIY technique.

What If You Smell the Urine but Can’t Locate it?

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If your snipper isn’t working fine to locate the smelly spot, it’s your luck, by the way. Don’t worry at all! Here’s a backup choice of using a blacklight to locate that smelly spot on the carpet.

Fo that, you simply have to turn all the lights off and bring darkness into play. Now hold your blacklight by staying some feet away from the carpet.

You’ll notice the stained spot, either yellow or dull green, in this blacklight. But how to confirm it’s dog’s pee or something else?

Sorry to say, but you have to perform a smell test to make this thing confirmed. Once you’re successful in locating it, you’ve to follow all the above tips to say goodbye to the smells forever.

The Bottom Line

Being a pet owner, you often have to deal with urine and odor accidents. Trust me; these are some of the crazy moments you’ve ever had with your beloved dogs.

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Besides dealing with such issues, you have to keep your home free from such odors and make it fresh and healthy for you and your pets.

Wait, wait, wait! If you find this whole arduous task above your patience or you don’t have enough time, here’s an alternative for you.  

You can go for professional carpet cleaning and let this job done by the experts.


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