How Can You Prevent Kids From Seeing Inappropriate Content

The use of the Internet is increasing with the changing technology. Not only for professionals or working people but also children everything will be changed from their schooling to their entertainment.

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Now the main worry comes is that how can you prevent kids from seeing inappropriate content available freely on the internet. This is quite difficult to know for parents where to starts their control on children’s gadgets.

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Like, nowadays when schooling is done from home because of this drastic pandemic COVID-19, from kids of age 4-years to teenagers of age 16-years have access to multiple devices. These include smartphones, tablets, computers, and also many entertainment apps like Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, and so on.

Parental Controls is very essential to reduce to risk of your children viewing such kind of inappropriate content available on the internet.

How does Parental Control work?

Parental controls are the software that helps parents to keep track of their children’s browsing activities. They can monitor their internet activities and can prevent them from seeing adult content, sites like drug addictions, or gambling, and so on.

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Now, this service can be implemented through your internet service provider, various search engines, video sites, and many more. But, in advanced technology, there is much software available in the market that can prevent your children or family members, or employees from seeing such violating content.

What Can Parental Control Software Do?

Such software provides an option to the parents for blocking or filtering the websites that they want to hide from their kids. The major area this software helps us :

  • Software help parents to filter the type of videos that are searchable for their kids
  • Can set a limit on a search engine for Child’s searches.
  • Block and can control the video games or play station that your kid’s access
  • Only show the approved sites to the children
  • Restrict children to use some inappropriate services.

How Can You Set Parental Control?

Now this will also be a difficult task. Our children are much smarter than us and they know how you track their browsing activities. But you can set these settings without acknowledging them.

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These the platforms where you can set some restrictions:

  • Internet Browsers
  • Your Pc Operating Systems
  • Play Stores For Gaming
  • Most Used Search Engines
  • Smartphones, Tablets, Or Pads
  • Parental Control Software

Types Of Software For Parental Control

Much parental control software is available in the market. We are providing five top-rated parental control software in the below section which is proven in protecting children’s online activities.

  1. Covenant Eyes

Best For- Strong Parental Control with Advanced Blocking and Filtering Features.

Support- Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire | Starts At- $143.88/year

Key Features-

  • Exclusive Scanning Options
  • Filter Or Block For Six-Level Ages
  • Provide A Great User-Interface
  • Send Weekly Or Monthly User Reports
  • Provide Safe Browsing & Block Adult Contents

Covenant eyes is a good choice if you are looking for some decent or easiest software for parental control. The software allows controlling all your children’s internet browsing activities. You can set a filter for certain websites that are not visible on your child’s screen. Their basic pricing starts at $14.88/year for an individual and $191.88/year for a family pack.

  • Net Nanny

Best For- Customizable Filters with Blocking features

Support: Windows, Mac, Android | Starts At: $39.99/year

Key Features:

  • Provide A Complete Report And Logs
  • Can Track Locations Of Your Children
  • Restrict Adult Content Websites
  • A Comprehensive Dashboard For Parents
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Net Nanny is also well-known accountability software used by millions of users. You have an option to buy this software for Windows just at $40 and also for family protection at $55. It can protect up to five to twenty devices which include your smartphones and tablets.

You can know better these two software by reading Covenant Eyes vs Net Nanny a comprehensive detailed comparison. Being the top-rated parental control software it is recommended to once check how valuable they are.

  • Kaspersky Safe Kids

Best For- Can track Social Media posts

Support: Windows, Android, iOS,macOS | Starts At- $15

Key Features:

  • Budget-Friendly Software
  • Can Manage All The Application In The Device
  • Provides Tips And Expert Advice
  • Able To Track The Geographical Location
  • Keep A Record Of All Social Media Post

The software comes with bundles of features at a very low price. In their premium subscription, it protects up to 500 devices. Their low battery alerts are the strength of this software. The company also provides the free version to the users.

  • Qustodio

Best For- Best Suite for parental control and safety on your Kid’s online activities

Support– Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle | Starts At- $49.96/year

Key Features:

  • Excellent Content Filtering Option
  • Allow Parents To Set Time-Limit
  • Option For Screen Monitoring
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Track Live Location

Qustodio is one of the top-rated parental control programs that can completely protect your child’s browsing activities. You have an option to block inappropriate contacts from your child’s device. The software can support several devices from five devices to fifteen devices. Their yearly subscription is available just at $140 and if you want to add some more devices, need to pay $9 per device.

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  • OpenDNS Family Shield

Best For- Block website domain for the whole family network at the router level

Support: Windows | Starts At- $19.95/year

Key Feature:

  • Filter Network For All Devices
  • Generate A Complete Report For Visited Or Blocked Sites
  • Essential Features Included In The Free Subscription
  • Can Work At The Router Level
  • Also, Improve Device Performance

OpenDNS Home VIP provides strong parental control and can able monitor at the router level. Therefore, you can track your family network usage and block adult content.  This is a decent parental control software available in the market.

These are the well-known parental control applications that you can buy. Such kind of software is necessary for working parents who cannot keep their eyes on their children’s activities. Using these programs, you can reduce the risk of your kids watching unhealthy content on the internet which is openly available without any age bar.


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