How Do You Make a Canvas Print?

You can avoid many of the problems that plague conventional prints by opting for canvas prints instead. The perception that canvas prints are of inferior quality has only recently begun to change.

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The advent of cutting-edge printing methods, however, has resulted in canvas prints with stunning levels of fidelity and color saturation. It opens up new opportunities for businesses and individuals to display photographs as wall art.

Soon after your order is received, the image is sent directly to an inkjet printer. A special process within the ink itself makes the water-resistant ink dry instantly in this printer. This results in a vibrant canvas print by preventing the ink from leaking out.

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The frame is then hand-made, following the printing of the canvas. Our in-house framers hand-make each frame from pine boards to ensure a snug fit for your canvas. After the frame has been assembled, the canvas is stretched over it. The risk of stretch fractures is greatly diminished when canvases are stretched with the help of cutting-edge automated stretching technology. This reduces the risk of the canvas becoming loose after a few years and also helps avoid the common mistakes made when stretching a canvas by hand.

Use this method to make canvases that look the same every time. Canvas prints from this collection have the quality and style of those found in a museum or gallery, but their low prices make them accessible to a wider audience.

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Canvas prints have a number of benefits.

  1. Gets rid of the potential for reflections and glares
  2. All images are fully visible while using a support frame.
  3. Sizes a mile high, but prices a mile low
  4. Extremely portable compared to prints housed in heavier wooden frames
  5. Comparatively cheaper than framed art
  6. Converts a photo into a work of art that looks like a painting is being looked at
  7. Appropriate for use with any kind of decor
  8. Installable in a floating wood frame that does not obstruct the view.
  9. Complete with a built-in mounting system
  10. Various options, unlike framed prints.

Different Canvas Print Styles

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Compared to a single framed photo, canvas prints give you much more room for artistic expression. Personal canvas wall displays, unique collages, and even triptychs are all possible to make.

Incorporating canvases of varying sizes into a single wall installation is a great way to showcase a collection of photographs. Use up to nine photographs to creatively cover a large wall area.

Canvas collages are a fantastic way to exhibit a number of photographs in a condensed format, as they can hold up to 16 individual images. Canvas collages are far more versatile and adaptable than a single print would ever be, and they also look very classy.

One large painting is spread across three large canvases in a triptych. This aesthetic works particularly well for landscape and landscape portraiture.

Without the constraints of picture frames, you’re free to get creative with how you present your photographs in triptychs and other wall arrangements.


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