How Fedoras Changed the Realm of Fashion

There would hardly be anyone who hasn’t worn or at least heard about a Fedora. Fedoras are immensely popular in the realm of fashion worn by people all around the globe. This piece of headwear is visible on beaches as well as bars. This is what makes Fedoras so unique. They have been a part of the fashion industry for so long that the people this day would hardly remember a time when fedoras were not a part of the industry.

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Fedora comes from the Greek word ‘Theodora.’ The actual meaning of this word is the gift of the gods. In 1887, the popular actress Sarah Bernhardt played the role of a princess called Fedora in a play. In this play, the character Fedora wore a very similar hat to the current versions of Fedoras.

During that time, Sarah was popular amongst the masses, and as a result, the hat worn by her gained a lot of popularity. People looked at that hat as a symbol of Women’s Empowerment as the hat that Sarah wore was a modified version of a hat worn only by men. The association of the hat with the movement strengthened and made the hat more popular.

There is another theory according to which the name Fedora comes from the material used to make them. Popular Hat makers around the world have said that Fedora is a soft hat. According to this, any fur-felt hat would be a fedora. This will make the category of Fedoras much wider and would include hats such as cowboy hats too.

Many hats use Fedora as a material, and while many people would not wish to buy a Fedora because they consider it too common, they buy one.

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Fedoras in the 20th Century

Fedoras were not limited to gender. Both men and women wore Fedoras during the 20th Century. These hats are an integral part of dressing for adults. There were some slight differences in the versions of these hats worn by men and women. Generally, the colors of the hat were the basic difference; women wore brighter colors while men chose to stick to the classic color. The women would go for straw fedora womens hats while men preferred materials other than straw.

Another difference in the version worn by females was that the brim of their hats turned upwards. This was to ensure that there was no shadow on the face of the women.

Fedoras had gained a lot of popularity in the 20th Century. Hollywood had embraced these hats with an open hand, and many celebrities were visible wearing Fedoras. Women, as well as men, wore this hat frequently. When this hat was on a man, people would say that it added to his masculinity, whereas when a woman wore it, it made her feminine. This was the uniqueness of this hat.

Fedoras and Movement around the World

Fedoras have very often associated with movements all around the world. At first, they were associated with Women Empowerment when the famous actress wore it for the first time, and ever since, these hats have popped up in movements from time to time. They have been associated with movements not only in the major countries of the world but have also been associated with lesser-known countries too.

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During the 2000s, the hats once again became extremely popular when people wished for simpler times. This is what led the men to start wearing these hats again. In no time, this gained a lot of popularity, and fashion magazines were full of men in these hats. Celebrities also played their part in this when many of them sported Fedoras.

During the Great Shaming, the Fedoras became a symbol for men who felt threatened by the constant efforts of women to raise their voices against patriarchy. These men had a blog named Fedoras of OKC where they would put up their views. This did not go unnoticed, and there were a lot of controversies related to it. This eventually led to women shaming men who wore Fedoras. This fight between the genders continued for a long time and partially ended when the blog shut down. 

Pop Culture

Celebrities all around the world have worn Fedoras from time to time. Many Television Shows have made their character wear fedoras to give their character a certain personality that is generally associated with these hats. 

To this day, people wear Fedora because of its uniqueness. There are many types of Fedoras, and all of these types are different from each other and have their perks. The most preferred type of Fedora is a straw fedora as it can never go wrong. Anyone can get a straw fedora by visiting They have the most amazing collection of fedoras at the most reasonable costs. 


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