How Fly Screens Protect your Home

Flies can be a nuisance in any home. Once the fly has entered the home, getting rid of pesky creatures can be a daunting task. The little winged insects enter the household through any small area or opened door. In the home, the flies will begin to breed and multiply in an alarming rate. The common house fly or filth fly can reach a matured level within ten days. The fact the fly can reach maturity within such a short period of time can lead to a severe infestation.


The best way to reduce flies within the household is through prevention, sanitation and cleanliness. Prevention and keeping areas clean is critical in reducing the fly population in the household.

  • Use garbage and other sanitation containers with secure lids. Always line the containers with the proper sized plastic bags or liners. Keeping the garbage contained will reduce the risk of flies laying their eggs. easy
  • Keep areas around the household and yard free from garbage, food containers, domestic pet waste and any other type of trash. Flies like to lay eggs in any type of damp area which can provide a host apace for the larvae.
  • Damp areas are not just for trash or other waste. The flies will utilize decaying potted plants, pet bedding, damp landscaping material, and numerous other yard materials.
  • Keep any potted plants well drained especially those on a porch or patio. Flies will use over water plant soil to lay eggs.
  • Repair any window screens to reduce the possibility of flies entering the household. When screens are torn or loose, flies will take advantage of these openings and enter the home. As more and more flies enter the home, the possibility of infestation will increase.
  • Consider screening in an entire patio area to reduce the number of flies entering the home. A screened in patio area can add comfort to the outdoor entertaining experience. The host can entertain guests or treat the family to an outdoor meal without having to worry about flies contaminating the food. Flies can be pesky while entertaining causing distraction from the meal.
  • Use fly screen doors on all entrances to the house and other buildings on the property. The use of fly screen doors on a home is one of the most important aspects in fly and other pest control. By using fly screen doors that fit properly to a door’s opening, the chances of reducing flies entrance to the home can be almost eliminated.

Flies pose a health risk for anyone living in a household. Flies cannot actually bite but their presence is still a nuisance capable of other health risks to the members of the home. The fly will land on food and other surfaces causing contamination and the chance of spreading diseases.

Maintaining the yard and household is a critical step in reducing the breeding grounds for the flies. Keeping the area clean will help in eliminating or reducing the chances for fly larvae to grow to adulthood. Home repairs with upgrading to screened doors and windows will help in preventing the pests entering the house. The use of fly screen doors can be an added protective measure to help in keeping family members and pets healthy from the exposure of contaminated food or the spread of diseases.

A professional can help get the exact fit for the home’s screen doors, windows and patios. Soft Screens can help in all the needs of the home or the apartment. The screens will be fit in an airtight manner helping keeping the pests outdoors.


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