How Gardens Add Value to Any Home

People are always looking to add value to their home – whether it be for personal reasons or tax deductions or simply because they are getting ready to put their home on the market. Regardless of the reason; there is always a benefit of some sort involved when you look at your backyard (and front yard) and see beauty that has sprung from the physical effort you’ve put into your garden.

Real estate and potential purchase pricing for an older (or newer) home can be a competitive field and by installing a garden; you could increase the overall market value on your home by attracting a different class of potential buyers.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Those with small children and/or pets love to look for homes with a backyard that has obvious maintenance and effort put into it because it allows them to envision raising their own family there; socializing there and more. There are some people who love the look of a garden but do not want to undertake such a time-consuming project. A well-maintained garden also has the bonus of making the lawn and backyard look larger, lusher and more inviting to potential buyers to purchase your home.

There are others who want to add personal value to their garden by increasing the realization that can be found there and add a touch of personalization to their backyard oasis. Your garden can become a place of entertaining friends and family or a place of family bliss by creating priceless memories each time you’re out there. Maybe you’ve taken your children on backyard camping adventures there or perhaps you’ve spent hours watching them learn to ride a bicycle there before allowing them on harder ground.

Maintenance of a Garden

One important fact that should be stated is that it is one thing to have a garden in your back or front yard but it’s another to have a well-maintained garden. If your garden is overgrown with dead or decaying plant life or if your lawn is in need of a desperate trim or you simply haven’t had time to remove rusting furniture, lawn ornaments and whatnot; then your garden will have the opposite effect of what you are desiring: it will decrease the value of any home.

If your garden is going to be a selling point; it is important that you complete required maintenance when it is required. You’ll want to have a tidy and groomed backyard to showcase all the potential your garden has to offer.

Tools that you should have on hand for garden maintenance would include:

  • A kneeling pad
  • A pair of gardening gloves
  • A water supply – a kink, free garden hose with a good nozzle. Backyard Boss has the best recommendations!
  • Pruning shears
  • A cast-iron trowel.


If you are setting up viewing times of your home to potential buyers; you want to choose a time during the day that will showcase the natural colors, greenery and work that has been done to your garden. You want natural sunlight or if your viewings are in the evening; consider investing in solar lights that add a touch of accenting light throughout.

Bring the Inside Outside

To add another touch of value to your home via your garden, consider bringing the interior design from the inside of your home to the outside. Look at similar color schemes, an inviting back deck with cozy furniture perfect for relaxing or socializing and a firepit to add a touch of adventure to your garden.

Keep things simple but classy; true to your personality but modern.


The other main selling point for a garden when it comes to adding value to your home is not only the quality, but the privacy associated. People who are looking for backyards are more likely to purchase a home with a fenced-in backyard over a home that has a backyard that borders their neighbors with no distinguishable boundary between the two.


Whatever your own personal or financial reasons for sprucing up, adding or changing the garden of your home – it is possible with a bit of willpower, effort and elbow grease. Increasing the amount of greenery found in your garden automatically gives it a lush, healthy look. You can achieve this with select plants, shrubs and even trees! Overhauling your garden doesn’t have to be a major project but instead can be a fun little thing to do on the weekends during your free time.

If you are unsure of where to start to add value to your home via your garden; then speak to your local gardening center or speak to the owners of your local nursery. They should be able to help guide you on the journey to creating a garden that adds value to any home!


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