How Much Do House Extension Plans Cost

How much a house extension is going to cost is an essential factor that determines whether the building starts off or not.

How much a house extension is going to cost depend on several factors like:

  • The extension side
  • Level of storey
  • The quality of work: excellent, good, standard
  • How much you are going to participate
  • Glazing amount you want

To give you an idea about how much money you are going to need for an extension, we have pulled together a couple of tips to help you in preparing before even you start.

1. Cost of single/two storey extension

Depending on the place where you live, the average cost of the extension is going to be somewhere between £ 1,000- £ 2,000 / m². Keep in mind that the standard of specifications you are about to add on your list will also have a huge impact on the final cost.

Roughly, what can I expect?

Best quality: on average £1800/m²

Average quality: around £1500/m²

Standard quality: around £1200/m

Bear in mind that the extension of multi storeys will not cost you more per meter square.

2. Other extension cost factors

There are other factors that determine the final price of extension costs, such as:

  • soil type
  • type of extension you want and the price of fitting it out
  • size (price gets slightly cheaper for the larger projects)
  • glazing amount
  • location

3. Who will do your extension project

The brickwork companies you are considering will also influence the final cost of the house extension. Also, will you hand over the complete job to the main contractor? If you have no problem with DIY, then you can expect significant cost savings. If you are hiring a brickwork company, then you have to set aside somewhere between 25% -55% over the price you invest into all of the above.

4. Inquire about a company quotes for your project

Although it sounds too obvious, not inquiring about estimates and quotes make a huge difference whether you are going to be robbed or not. An estimate is guessing from the contractor’s side about average extension cost. Whether given in writing or verbally, it is not a legal document. The quote is, on the other hand, a final price with a break down of costs.

Bottom line

Building an extension is a common way for homeowners and families to get the most out of their property. This way, you get extra space without even thinking about to move. It is easy to imagine all the advantages of an extension, but keep in mind that this is not a cheap investment so always inquire beforehand with your family, friends, reliable brickwork companies (who will also give you the best possible advice and if you are not handy in this field, lead you through the whole process step by step and hand in hand). 

If you decide to do this project yourself, at some point, you will need help because there are many complex steps that require expertise.


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