How Much Do You Want to Cut Your Carbon Dioxide Emissions By?

Every single step you take to reduce your home’s carbon dioxide emissions is a valuable one. Each one of us needs to find as many ways as possible of doing the right thing but some ideas are simply better than others, aren’t they? One of the smartest ways of cutting down on your carbon footprint is to look at getting a new boiler installed. This might sound like a relatively minor change but if you choose a highly efficient, A rated one from a top notch supplier like Help-Link UK then it can make an incredible difference to the environmentally friendly nature of your home.


The Different Ratings Really Matter

To see how much you could cut down on this way the first step is to see what energy rating your current boiler has. If it has a G rating then this is the lowest one around and by switching to an A rated you could expect to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 1,200 kg a year, as well as saving a very handy £310.

If you have a more energy efficient boiler already installed then the savings will obviously be lower than this but even the switch from a relatively efficient D rated boiler to an A rated one will cut down on your emissions by 430 kg and give you a cash saving of over £100 annually.

In fact, the importance of this area is confirmed by the fact that the energy bills for UK homes typically include a huge percentage relating to the use of the property’s boiler. In many cases this reaches 55% of the overall energy consumption in the house.

How Much Can You Save with Other Green Tips?

To put these figures into context it is interesting to compare the potential savings made by a new boiler to those which we can make in other areas. For example, if you properly insulate your hot water tank then you can expect to save about £60 a year, which is about the same saving achieved by changing a houseful of old style light bulbs to energy efficient ones. £75 is the typical saving on energy when you switch to a green shower head, while turning off all of your appliances instead of leaving them idle on standby can save you about £50 a year, rising to maybe £90 if you have a lot of appliances.  Clearly, the higher the cash saving the less energy you consume and therefore the lower the amount of damaging greenhouse gases you contribute to.

As we can see, all of these tips are definitely worthwhile and can make a dent in your carbon footprint which makes you feel good about yourself. However, there are few changes you can make to your lifestyle and to your home which will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions in the way that switching to a new boiler can do.



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