How much electricity does a treadmill use?

Many of us love a treadmill in our houses as it is a wonderful way to stay fit even without stepping outside of our homes. 

The treadmill makes it so convenient for us to incorporate more exercise into our daily routines with ease. 

However, there are many people who think the treadmill is causing them a huge dent in their pocket with a big electricity bill. Are you one of them? If you are, then in this simple guide, we will let you know how much electricity a treadmill utilizes and why one should buy a Nordic Track treadmill.

Watts Calculation of Treadmill:

It is true that most of us only pay attention to the initial price of a treadmill when we think about buying it. 

A treadmill is surely a strong financial burden. 

You even have to spend money on maintenance after you purchase the treadmill. The power consumption of the treadmills depends on the total motor capacity. 

Every treadmill has its own motor capacity and power consumption. But in general, the calculation of power consumption for the treadmill has the same formula. Usually, there is a specific label available on the frame of a treadmill that provides details about watts usage. 


For instance, if a label of a treadmill is stamped 120V and 15amps, that would indicate a specific consumption level. It would translate it into (120)(15) = 1800 watts or 1.8 Kilowatts (KW). Now, if one runs on his treadmill for one hour, he will probably consume 1.8 kilowatts per hour (KWh).

Let us suppose that 1 KWh costs 15 cents and one operates the treadmill for 1 hour, then the total cost is (.15)(1.8) = .270 or roughly around 24 cents for that particular time.

And if the motor of the treadmill is rated in horsepower instead of watts then one can convert that to watts with this formula, 1 hp = 745.6998 W and divide the watts by 1000 to convert to kilowatts.

Yes, we know, that’s quite a bit of conversion but you’ll get the hang of it after a few tries.

Here’s an example: 1.6 HP = (1.6)(745.6998) = 1,119.11968 watts or 1.19311968 KW.

Now, going by these calculations and implementing comparison’s, we can see that Nordic Track treadmills are the best treadmills to save one’s utility bills. 

Variables in Power Consumptions:

It is always a challenging task to figure out your energy usage for any machine. Be it a coffee maker or a treadmill. 

Various factors are involved in calculating power consumption. Here they are:

  • Time

The first variable is the time duration. Always ask, how long has one been using the treadmill on a daily basis? It is a simple understanding that the more one is on the treadmill, the more energy one will be using in the process. 

  • Speed

The next variable that requires attention is how fast one is going on the treadmill. Let us suppose that one walks at a leisurely pace, the individual will use much less energy than if one was sprinting at full speed for 30 minutes. Of course, the measurement will be a little trickier because most people will vary their speeds during their runs. 

  • Weight

Last but not least, one’s weight can be a mitigating factor when calculating the costs of power consumption of his treadmill. In general, the heavier one is, the more electricity the individual will probably need to power the treadmill. 

As the treadmill will require more effort to move the belt when a heavier person is standing on it, the energy required to move will also be more. On the matter of the costs of treadmill power consumption, a lot of excess weight can have a significant impact. 

When looking at the different factors, the Nordic Track treadmill is the most affordable home treadmill and is one of the best treadmills to minimize power consumption and decrease your overall electricity bill. 

What’s more, the Nordic Track treadmill is reliable and comes with the best features that make one’s workout time more productive and amazing. 


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