How Often Should You Service HVAC Systems?

HVAC systems are essential requirements in places that have extreme weather conditions. They help maintain the temperature and make the surroundings comfortable — be it your home, office, or any other commercial space.;

With changing weather conditions, it’s become important to use these systems to live a comfortable life. That’s why the market for these HVAC systems is expected to grow to $241 billion by 2025.

But to ensure that your HVAC system remains in good condition, you need to get it from a good commercial hvac installation company and service it regularly.

But why?

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Let’s find out.

Reasons to Service Your HVAC Systems

HVAC systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they function properly and provide clean air to your home or office.

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Additionally, servicing them regularly allows you to detect potential issues before they can become complicated later.

What’s more? 

When you get them serviced regularly, the machine’s efficiency will improve and this will give you better cooling or heating. Additionally, it can lead to power savings as well.

Finally, maintaining the system well ensures that it’ll have a longer lifespan.

Let’s now take a look at the various factors that can determine how frequently you need to get your HVAC systems serviced.

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Determining the Frequency of Servicing Your HVAC Systems

While it’s recommended that you should get your HVAC systems serviced at least once every six months, the frequency can vary based on many factors. However, you should get your AC tune-up done once in the spring. Similarly, during fall, you should get your heaters tuned up.

For starters, the age of your HVAC system matters a lot. The older your system, the more frequently it will need to be serviced. 

Similarly, if your use is quite intensive, you should consider getting your system serviced more frequently. 

Finally, if you live in a place that has extreme climatic conditions, it’s critical that you pay attention to the maintenance of your HVAC systems regularly.

Now that you know that you need to get your HVAC systems serviced regularly, let’s take a look at how you can find a good HVAC service provider.

Selecting an HVAC Service Provider

While getting your HVAC systems serviced is important, it’s equally essential to get them done by professionals who know what they’re doing. You should look for companies that have worked in your region and have years of experience to back them up.

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What’s more?

It’s crucial to look for their reviews to figure out if they’re able to deliver on what they promise. Finally, consider the cost aspect and check if they offer any discounts, warranties, or replacements.

We, at Bradshaw Heating and Air Conditioning, have over 34 years of experience in the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems in Folsom and the Greater Sacramento areas. You can trust us to do the job right.

To learn more about our services and HVAC maintenance, check out the infographic below.


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