How Should You Choose the Colour of Your Kitchen Countertops?

Regardless of what material you choose, you can achieve the look you want with these popular colours and styles.

Kitchen countertops are available in a wide variety of materials these days. Instead of giving you the pros and cons of each material, I’ll break down six popular colour styles to help you achieve the look you want.

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1. White with flecks or soft veins

A white or off-white countertop with a light multi-tonal fleck or grain is one of the most popular and coveted countertop finishes.

As a neutral yet contemporary and fresh look, this snowy, sparkling look works in many situations. Its pale hue lends a feeling of lightness and cleanliness to the room. In more traditional kitchens, this is usually a better choice than a true minimalist white countertop, which can be too severe and interfere with the elegance of other elements such as knotty woods, Shaker cabinets, or lantern pendant lights.

Brass accents also look great with whites that are softly flecked or grainy. This subtle richness holds its own without fighting for attention, and keeps the countertop from feeling too austere – perfect for a dining island.

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2. White as pure as possible

No natural stone can compare to the contemporary, minimalist freshness of pure white countertops, which are generally available in manufactured materials such as Corian or Caesarstone. With a little care, these materials can remain crisp white for years.

Contemporary spaces benefit from this stark look. The severity of a true white may clash with a traditional decor, but in a modern room, it feels appropriate. Small spaces, such as compact condo kitchens, can benefit from white countertops paired with minimalist white cabinets to create the illusion of more space.You can also use white counters to break up spaces with a lot of bold character in the other finishes, such as grainy wood cabinets.

The yellow-orange undertone in modern flat-front cabinets is especially noticeable. Additionally, off-white would also work, but a pure white counter looks beautiful paired with blue-painted cabinetry to keep the look feeling fresh and contemporary.White and blue is a classic nautical combination,so it looks great with a pure white counter paired with blue-painted cabinets. Even though they are they feel stylish.

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3. The wood

Infusing a cool, breezy kitchen with some approachable character can be accomplished with warm wood, with its inviting air and natural richness. The wood countertop adds a little more warmth and comfort to a crisp white kitchen. Because classic wood can be used in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, it’s a popular choice for transitional kitchens.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

As long as you’re a true wood lover and don’t mind it dominating your palette, wood counters will also work well in spaces with wood cabinets. Notice, in several of these examples, how wood only dresses the island counters. Accent counters in wood (often on islands or small “chopping zones” in butcher block) provide a pleasing contrast with nearby stone or solid-surface counters.

Woods that are lighter in colour tend to have a more casual, rustic feel than woods that are darker in colour. When paired with traditional or modern accoutrements, light-stained or unstained woods can have a cottage-inspired or Scandinavian vibe. Runner rugs are a great complement to either style.


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