One of the most daunting tasks when trying out high quality home additions is the blending of your new architecture with the existing structure to make it look as it has always been a part of your home.

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Choosing the right siding plays an important role to give the same look and feel that will complement, not only the exterior, but the rest of the house as well. So if you are in the midst of the exciting process of remodeling your home, we encourage you to review how siding will make these modifications distinguishable.

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Choose the right materials

As the family grows, investing in an addition is the ideal way to increase the living space without having to move to a bigger house. Using the same material in the addition is the best option, but often it can be extremely difficult to find the precise color match, especially for existing vinyl siding. Choosing a different siding option, that complements the old material, can do the trick. A stone facade works well with shingles or vinyl siding for adding a different look and interesting texture.

The stacked stone facade look is a popular style for a faux stone siding project of any size. Outdoor stone stacked veneer can also be combined with a wood look grey siding to provide an additional artistic textural element more economically than by using real stone. Moreover, each piece slides smoothly into the next one, making it easy to install even if you have never attempted it before.

Cottage and bungalows exterior

Wood siding offers a rich and durable look to cottage and bungalow exteriors, provided it is maintained regularly. If you are keen on this look, make sure you paint and chalk it regularly to prevent damage from the vagaries of weather and insect or rodent attacks.Depending on how well you do it, your rich wood look can last for many many years.

Wood siding comes in bevel siding and also in shakes and shingles. Bevel sidings, of cedar or redwood, use clamps of wood installed horizontally and are the best choices. For a smooth and consistent look shingles are a good option. Some manufacturers treat them with fire-resistant chemicals, a requirement for high risk locations.

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For the colonial look

Brick comes in different sizes and textures making it a perfect option for Colonial and English cottage exteriors, to give a time-tested look which has been prevailing for hundreds of years. Brick siding is installed using mortar to hold the bricks together. Since moisture can harm the structure, a membrane is placed between the brick veneer and the house for protection. Brick siding installation is expensive and laborious, but if done right can last the life of a home.

Kitchen wall siding

Kitchen walls siding lend a touch of personality to the space by creating a harmonious and tranquil environment. There are countless varieties of natural stone that can be used for the walls of the kitchen. Not only do they give an expensive upmarket look, they are easy to maintain and care as well. Besides,as the kitchen attracts a lot of grease and oil residue, the chosen material should be heat-resistant, washable and easy to maintain.

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Depending on the material and proper installation, your siding can last for at least 20 years, which is good to hear as it involves a major investment. However, in the end it all will have to be replaced to protect the foundation and the facade of your home. The answer lies in choosing the best suited siding and the right person to install it.


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