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How sofa designs have changed through the years

Furniture has evolved in various styles and patterns by outraging bold and mild colors. Modern furniture is far away different than the old. It no longer remains the work of wooden craft but something more than that. The furniture designers have come up with extraordinary mix and match colors to give you the living room a whole different look.

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According to the transformation they want to give in their living room, people have varieties of choices, varying from calm and peaceful vibes to bold and elegant one. The sofa has not been limited to home but has a significant role in business and offices to create the right environment and comfort. This article will discuss the most significant trends in the innovation of sofas and the ongoing trend of modern sectional sofas.

The early 90’s 

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The early 90’s normalized plastic and metals filled with colors and texture in the furniture. The sofa was with clean lines with flower prints and bright colors. Then entered warmer shades of brown and orange with geometric shapes. They were filled with rich textures and furs to give an antique look. The fabrics like velvet and polyester came into roleplay along with the addition of throw pillows. People were moving towards the non-traditional look in the living rooms inspired by the televisions. They wanted to convert their cozy living spaces into a big spacious area with chandeliers. The overstuffed sofas gave a distinctive look by providing more extensive and excessive style. There was also an addition of iron rods in sofas to give a Victorian-era look. The second half of the decade brings back the pinewood sofas with materials like resin, wire, and acrylic designs having smaller prints, thin legs, and curvy lines.

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The era of ’20s

The offices also started renovating their space by giving a more realistic and enjoyable look. They wanted sofas that could be easily maintained with the comfort feature. With the economic restrictions, the home space began to be smaller, and there was a rise of small flats. It demanded small sofa sets and furniture which could be fit easily in the maximum space. Thus the designs shifted to be sleeker with condo-sized sofa. The era of the 2000s began with the rise of smart homes and furniture. The sofas can be plugged in to glow the light around. There was also the involvement of recycling and bamboo made sofa which was suitable for open spaces. These didn’t make the space look cultured and busy by giving a much more simpler, cohesive look.

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Recent trends

The recent trends have been designed by giving modern indo-western looks. A time back, leather fabric overtook the market, but the light grey shades are back in the game again. Coming to the designs, there have been significant changes in the design of sofa. The latest ones include a sectional or modular sofa, which depicts the combination of pieces for creating a different sitting arrangement. The families with larger members usually go with these for accommodating everyone easily. They can be expandable according to the size of sitting, and the sections can be put away when not in use. The other most common one is sofa beds with dual functionality and perfect for small places to accommodate guests. The lower and higher back of the sofa is also an ultimate option. One can also opt for the arm or no arm shape or go with traditional designs with a camelback, wingback, or rollback sofa. The lower platforms and low backs are filled with overstuffed cushions to give it a fuller look. Also two shades of mixed sofa provide a much more sophisticated look like the grey and blue ones, and one can’t go wrong with this.

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Sofas are limited to the living room, but one can also go with a chaise lounge sofa or deewan sofa by putting them in their bedroom. The recliner sofa is the latest technological furniture which comes with the option of lying back. Low seated sofa and sofa loungers are fitted perfectly into the outdoor spaces to relax in the evening or have a gala eve get together. Roll or pillow arms also amongst the few options which could be considered in the ongoing trend.


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