How Termites Can Destroy Your Home In The Us And How To Spot Them


Termites are a nightmare for every homeowner. They eat away everything they come in contact with and destroy that area. It is why you must regularly check the signs of termite damage, as if termites aren’t detected in the early stage, they damage the walls, cabinets, and other home accessories and destroy them. 

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To understand how termites are destroying your home, you need to know how they can cause significant problems. Read below to find out. 

How Do Termites Destroy Your Home? 

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Termites eat away wood and similar items. No matter the type of termite, looking for early signs of termite damage is crucial as it can save you from losses later. Once the termites start growing, they start eating away from your clothes, paper, and possibly soft items. 

Primarily it is how termites destroy your home- growing and eating away everything. Their special enzymes and bacteria in the gut help digest fiber in the wood. The amount of wood they eat in a day can vary from half to a whole pound. Kitchen tools are safe, but what’s their use if you have no roof over your head?

Signs Of Termite Infestation And Damages 

People spray chemicals throughout the area to protect their houses from termites. But you should first know whether it has happened or not. In other words, you can protect your house all you want, but if you don’t notice the signs, you wouldn’t be able to tell where the infestation could grow. Some of the most common signs are mentioned below. 

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Hollow Sound 

It is a prevalent sign and should be checked regularly. Tapping on the wood with adequate force- not too much and not too less, makes a noise. This noise helps determine if there has been any damage inside the walls or the wooden object. The damage inside wooden objects is due to termites if the hollowness isn’t present. 

Peeling Or Bubbling Paint 

If the paint on the object has started showing tiny bubbles and peelings from the surrounding areas, there are chances of an infestation. It is common when water leaks inside the walls, which can also cause termites and increase their growth. 

Mud Tunnels 

It is a feature of the subterranean termites to leave mud tunnels wherever they go. Therefore, it is the simplest way to confirm your doubt that they have infested your home. 

Small Hole Pattern 

When termites eat away at wood or walls, they do not eat systematically. Instead, they eat away at everything that comes their way. Doing so leaves small holes in the object. 

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Maze Designs Inside The Wood 

The inside of the wood is dense and very packed. Thus when there are termites inside the wood, they can’t create small holes throughout the thickness of the wood. Due to this, they eat away the center or core of the wood and leave patterns similar to mazes. 


To realize that your protection and precautions have failed, you need to know the signs of the damage. In the case of termites, if the damage is discovered, it can give you many maintenance costs later. Termites are the worst enemy of your home and thus should be looked out for regularly. 


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