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How throw rugs enhance the look of your room

We use different things to decorate our rooms and make them according to our liking.

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While decorating our rooms other than the decoration pieces rugs and curtains also play a massive role in giving the room the desired look. Rugs mainly complete our room, and we have a wide variety of rugs available around us. Rugs come in all colors, sizes, textures, and shapes. People use modern handmade rugs and carpets to give their rooms a luxurious feel and also given the room a refreshing space.

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Why we use rugs to decorate our rooms?

Rugs mainly bind all the furniture of a room and used by the interior designers to link all the colors used in the décor. We should restrain ourselves from placing small rugs for larger rooms as large rugs create an illusion of a larger space. The natural way of establishing a carpet is to be within 12-inches of the walls from all sides. A carpet or rug in a living room or lounge should be large enough so the main furniture’s front legs like sofas, tables, etc. should be on the carpet.

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While choosing a rug for a room, our priority should be light colors as darker colors will make the room look congested. Dark colors also tend to absorb light and heat that will result in the room looking small and hot during summers. Light colors give us a sense of freshness and open as light colors reflect light rather than absorbing it, making the room look more spacious.

Rugs are also used to separate the rooms into various segments. When we use the same size rug in a single room, we can cut the space into two parts where one could be used for sofas and the other for the dining table. While decorating a big room, we can use it for multiple purposes and other than dividing it with doors or walls we can simply use rugs to distribute it.

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How the pattern and color of rugs matters?

Pattern and colors are essential when it comes to the rugs for our rooms. The technicalities are much more important than we think and are helpful when we follow them. The pattern of our carpets, rugs, or throw rugs should be chosen according to our room’s size. The basic rule typically followed is that larger rooms use large patterns and vice versa, but we can also use large designs for smaller spaces when not cramped with furniture.

We all are very selective when it comes to the colors and want everything to be coordinated in our desired manner. Choosing shades of rugs for our room will either complete our room’s look or completely put it off. Light colors are preferably suggested when it comes to the mats as it will give the room a spacious look and make it soft and airy. Talking about light colors does not always mean white and off-white color ass we can use the lighter shades of our favorite colors as we all are aware that light color reflects light and will give a more open feeling.

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Wrapping it up!

Floor covering is an essential element in the decoration of our room. It is basically like icing on the cake when icing doesn’t go with the cake it ruins the whole effort same is the case with the rug when it doesn’t coordinate with the rest of the room the entire décor and effort go waste. According to many interior designers, carpets and rugs can give excitement and sense of being lively to the room.


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