How to Achieve Modern, Minimalist Décor Style

Modern design style and particularly modern style with minimalist features, can feel so beautiful and have so many benefits. Modern, minimalist design style is simple, bright and airy with clean lines. This design style can make you feel at peace and tranquil because there’s not a lot of clutter, and it can be easier to maintain than more ornate or traditional design styles. It also works well for small or large spaces.

This interior design style is often seen throughout the world, such as in the beautiful houses and apartments in Dubai, London, and other major world cities.

So how can you achieve the modern look and feel in your home? The following are some tips for a modern and minimal home with a big impact.

Neutral Color Palettes

If there’s one thing that you do above all else when it comes to modernism and minimalism, it should be using a neutral color palette. A neutral color palette is going to give you the base the create the rest of the space, and a calming neutral color palette will also set the tone for a relaxing but modern environment.

You can go with the more obvious neutrals like white or beige, but there are other options as well. For example, gray is a great “new neutral.” It feels modern and chic, without feeling cold or sterile.

Keep Clean Lines

Another key feature of modern design aside from a neutral color palette are clean lines. Clean lines are straight and simple. There aren’t curves in modern design for the most part.

Keeping things straight and linear is good not only from the perspective of modern design but it can also help make a small space look larger.  It’s an illusion of more length and width that can stem from clean lines in a space.

When it comes to the lines and general look and feel of a room, you really want to make sure you’re getting the scale right. Scale can make or break a room that’s any design style. You want pieces that are going to take up enough space so that it doesn’t feel like they’re lost and floating in an abyss, but since you are aiming for modern style, you still want to make sure there is enough space between each item. It can be a good idea to draw up a plan before you purchase anything or make any changes in a room.

If you’re going to be buying online, which many people do, you also want to make sure you carefully look over the dimensions and measurements for pieces. You might consider outlining pieces of furniture with painter’s tape to see how everything will look when it’s in the room.

Floating Furniture

One thing you should strive to avoid in clean and modern living are legs on furniture. Legs on furniture tend to look much more traditional, so look for pieces that sit directly on the floor.

Additionally, floating pieces can also be great in a modern room. Floating pieces, such as floating shelves or TV consoles, are attached to the wall. They look modern,and they give the illusion of more space because they’re not taking up valuable floor space.

Warm It Up with Texture and Textiles

One of the concerns some people have about fully embracing modern interior design style is the potential for it to look cold or unwelcoming. A way around this that doesn’t require you to step away from your modern goals is to use texture and textiles. People often wonder how to have not only warmth but visual interest in a modern design,and it’s with texture and textiles.

Texture can include anything from the inclusion of wood, brick, leather, or anything that has a rich feel. You can also choose natural fabrics such as linen which work in modern rooms and also have great textures.

Textiles can be richly textured as well and include things like throw blankets, faux fur rugs, throw pillows and draperies.

Crystal and carved details are also nice for visual interest and varying textures in a modern room.

Bring Life with Greenery

Another way to warm up a modern space without taking away from the minimalist element is the use of greenery and living things. Fiddle leaf figs are especially beautiful and popular right now, but you can also do something really easy to maintain like succulents.

Finally, when in doubt about whether or not to add something such as an accessory in a modern, minimalist space, the answer is probably no. Less is definitely more if this is the look you’re going for.


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