How to add more light into your home

If you’ve got a room in your house that’s a bit dim for your taste, there are quite a few different brightening tricks and ideas to consider on how to add more light in your home. There are three main ways to brighten a room or even a whole house: change the lighting and color, add lighter colored furniture and decorations, or making structural changes. All three of these methods can make drastic changes, but you’ll want to pick the one that best fits your budget and style.

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The first way to change the brightness in a room is through paint and lighting changes. If the room is painted a dark color or has dark architectural features, painting the ceiling white will make a huge difference. The white ceiling will reflect the light from the room instead of absorbing it, but if you prefer color instead of white, you could try colors in the pastel range such as a cream yellow or mint green. Even if you don’t want to paint the walls, just painting the ceiling will make a major difference in adding light in your home.Selectolite - belle skylight

Besides painting, the second easiest and probably cheapest way to brighten up a room is to change the lighting strategy. To begin with, make full use of natural light. If the room is dark, you may not have a lot of natural light to work with, but it’s still important to make the most of what you have. Instead of closed blinds, utilise light-colored window drapes that still allow some light to pass through them; however, if you still prefer blinds, choose some that are made of a cloth material instead of wood or plastic. Work on replacing overhead lights with perimeter lamps because a harsh, overhead lighting format can actually highlight the dark areas in a room. Using floor lamps with light-colored shades and fluorescent bulbs that produce a brighter, softer light can help even out the lighting format in the room and give the room an overall brighter appearance.VELUX-Hero

After assessing the paint and lighting format of the room, you’ll want to address any color issues with décor and accessories. Take a look at the furniture, artwork, and any other knickknacks you have around the room. Do the colors help accent the brightness of the room, or do they give it a darker appearance? After addressing these concerns, add some mirrors! The mirrors will brighten the room by reflecting light in the room and will also give the bonus of making the room look much larger.

If you care to be a bit more extreme with your efforts in how to add more light in your home, you may consider making some structural changes. The easiest structural change would be to put in new flooring. Of course, you could simply put a brightly colored rug down, but you should contemplate replacing or refinishing your current flooring with a brighter version of wood, tile, or carpet. If the room doesn’t need any particular amount of privacy, you can replace a solid wood door with a full glass door or a door with a large window. If the room is a large, main room of your house with walls on the outside of the house, you could install a skylight or add more windows.

At the stores like Belly Sky Lights, you have many options to choose from on how to add more light in your home. You can make small changes on a small budget, or you can do in-depth renovations and change the entire look and lighting structure of the room or house.


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