How to address sounds which come from Electric Water Heaters?

This sound from the electric water heater is much like a boiling kettle about to explode or vent occasionally.

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Possibly there are two causes of sources of these noises. First, this popping sound is produced when the sediments, especially mud, settle in the system and regularly release bubbles. To repair electric water heaters, you should consult honest & reliable plumbers Sydney

This deposition is a mixture of calcium, minerals, and rust that causes overheating and boiling water. Secondly, this noise occurs when water is overheating. As the sediment concludes the interior thermostat and prevents it from directly interacting with water, it fails to determine the exact water temperature and, as a result, overheats the water.

Tactic to reduce this noise

To reduce or avoid this noise, regularly flush your electric water heater and take away the sediments by completely draining it if you have an electric water heater.  

If you have a gas electric water heater, ensure that you have set the gas valve to pilot mode so that the burners don’t self-start during the flushing or draining of the water heater.

Rumbling Sound 

You might hear the rumbling sound because either the water is too hot or it is boiling extremely high temperature that is expected to explode. 

However, the hot water rumbles while heating reaching its boiling point. Water tends to rumble noise because of the roiling boil till a pressure relief valve sets off the steam. 

This boiling or overheating of water in an electric water heater can happen because the broken thermostat or the control unit is not reading the temperature right or deposition around the heating components. 

On the other hand, a gas-type electric water heater produces a rumbling sound due to uneven flame or flames turning on and off, or the heating unit has poor combustion or some muddy mess inside. 

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Tactic to reduce this noise

A temporary tactic to reduce this noise for your electric water heater is draining or flushing it which an emergency plumber can do.  

And if you need a permanent solution, check the thermostat and heating component and gas burners in an electric type and gas-powered electric water heater. So, it is the answer to “how to reduce noise from electric water heater when it overheats the water”. 

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Squealing Sound

This noise from an electric water heater is like the sound of a kettle or pressure cooker that only needs a small opening. One simple cause of this noise is bad scaling in your electric water heater that blocks the gas flow or other valves. Other possible causes of squealing noise are the vibration the gas flow prompts to the pipes of the heater, an obstruction in the line that pushes gas through a narrower pipe, a deformation in the gas jets, etc.

To dampen this noise, try to descale the heat exchanger, valves and burners. Electric water heaters are a good investment for your home. Suppose you are new to them or just encountered any noise from your electric water heater and looking for solutions for “how to reduce noise from electric water heater. 


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