How to Apply Bronzer to Your Face for a Natural Glow

Whether you use a bronzer from a luxury store or a drugstore bronzer, it is most certainly the only makeup product you need to fake that sunkissed, vacation-in-Barcelona glow even in winters.

Most often than not, people tend to go overboard with bronzer which is why they start looking cakey and sparkly – not the look that you would usually go for.

First things first, what is a bronzer?

Often confused with a contour palette, a bronzer is a makeup product that is typically a cream or powder-based product mostly available in shades of brown. You can use this product to add a layer of dimension and warmth to your face.

If you are successful to pick the right shade for your skin tone, not only will your facial features look more enhanced, but it can also be great to add a bit of texture.

Steps to apply a bronzer for a natural glow

Here is our five-step routine to help you apply bronzer to your face for a natural glow in the easiest way imaginable:

Step 1: Buff the bronzer out

Before you apply bronzer to your face, you need to figure out the correct bronzer shade that matches your natural skin tone. Once you are successful in doing this, only then will the end result look natural.

The golden rule of the bronzer application is to opt for shades that are only one or two shades darker than your skin tone. If you have fair skin, try to pick a neutral shade so that it doesn’t look like you’ve applied mud to your face. Just like foundation, you have to pay careful attention to the undertones as well. Fair to medium skin can opt for bronzers that have yellow undertones like a golden or peach bronzer. Meanwhile, women who have olive and darker skin tones can pick a bronzer that has orange undertones.

Now since that’s out of the way, gently rub a big, fluffy blending brush over the bronzer. Tap off any excess product before you put the brush on your face. Swirl the brush in small, concentric circles across your hairline starting from one temple to another. Try to blend the product into your hairline to make it look as natural as possible.

If you don’t blend the product well, you might end up looking like a Cheeto which is precisely why you need to be careful.

Step 2: Carve your cheeks to make your face more angular

Facial manipulation using makeup using a bronzer or a contour and highlight palette has been unnecessarily hyped with regards to its difficulty. Trust us when we tell you that it isn’t really as difficult as you been made to believe.

Using the same brush, pack on the bronzer on it and swipe it along your ear to the apple of your cheek. Blend the product out using tiny circular brush strokes to help evenly spread the product and avoid any kind of harsh lines.

A common mistake that people make is to use the back-and-forth wiper motion. This technique is incorrect because you might end up accumulating products on a specific part of your face making you appear either dirty or bruised. Also, don’t start putting the bronzer from the apples of your cheek to the ear. Applying the product opposite to this will help to create natural gradation given you a more organic finish.

Step 3: Chisel your jaw for a feline finish

In the case of bronzing, your main focus should be on proper face-framing. As mentioned before, you need to add a warm, sunkissed glow to your face which is only possible when you apply the product to the correct areas.

Now that you have done your hairline and cheeks, you need to work on your jaw. Take the brush to blend more bronzer along the very edge of your jaw. For best results, try swirling the fluffy brush from the jaw base (being careful with the entire jawline) to the chin. Once you have swiped a line, start blending the product under your chin and down your neck. Remember, the transition has to be smooth.

Step 4: Give your nose more definition

Using a bronzer is the easiest way to make your nose more angular and slim. Use a brush to dust a bit of bronzer down each side of your nose for a subtle shadow.

Try to opt for powder bronzers instead of cream bronzers as they have a sheerer finish due to which you won’t have to worry about any obvious and harsh lines along the nose. The second tip for you to remember would be to tap off any extra product before you put the brush on your face.

Step 5: Look at the mirror and pose

Basically, you have covered all the steps for nailing the art of bronzing. Once you’re done, step back and take a look at yourself.

In case you feel that a bit of more blending is required to make the finish more natural, go ahead and do the same. If you’re happy with the end result, take out your camera and get started with the selfies!

These are a few steps that you can use to apply drugstore bronzer your face for the most natural and soft glow. We would also recommend you to apply a bronzer after you have set your makeup. You also need to make sure that your face matches the rest of your body.

For this purpose, apply a cream bronzer all over your face, neck, and chest while being careful to blend everything well enough to make it as organic as possible. This has to be done before you apply your concealer and foundation. Proceed with taking a foundation shade that is slightly deeper than your natural skin tone and create your base. After you are done, you can finally apply the bronzer.


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