How to Avoid Drain Flies in Your Kitchen

Drain flies are small flies that are most commonly found inside drain pipes or sinks of your home. They are usually black in color but there some varieties that can appear brown. You can easily identify these flies by a characteristic vein-like pattern appearing on their wings. There are various names given to these flies which may include; sewer flies, moth flies, or the filter fly. These disgusting flies usually have a smudge that is powdery that can easily remain on your hand if you touch it. The main habitat that these flies like is the drain where they lay so many eggs that hatch quickly.

Where do drain flies breed?

Drain flies just as their name suggests like mist and dump areas to breed and therefore find drains the perfect spot for breeding. If they are not checked their numbers can greatly multiply within the shortest time possible. They basically like to breed in drains that are not frequently used and you may most probably notice them hovering around your sink when returning from vacation. This is not to say that they won’t breed on your house’s drain sink pipe even when it is frequently used.

So how can you possibly get rid of drain flies naturally?

In order for you to effectively control and eradicate drain flies infestation in your house you will have to perform an inspection of their breeding site. This helps you to accurately identify the exact spot that the insects infest so that when you apply your natural agents against them you will be sure that you will kill them.

Another better way to effectively deal with the flies is to just remove the breeding site altogether. Removing the breeding site is by removing sludge that usually forms along the kitchen drain pipes. You can use a scalpel for instance to peel of any sludge that has formed on the sink drain pipe. Remember that the drain flies larvae stick on the sludge where they remain during their incubation period before they hatch giving forth new flies.

How you can keep the flies under control to avoid infestation in your house

Because like to moist and damp places especially sink drains, storm drains, and even rotten plants. It is best to keep your home clean and ensure that any clogged sink drain is unclogged to ensure that water flow remains smooth. Maw any grass that grow near you house and ensure that you dispose rotten vegetation at your home appropriately.  When you home is well kempt and mowed every so often, the flies will not have a place to breed in and thus they will not have any chance of infesting you house.

Also keep your garbage containers clean all the time and if possible use plastic bag liners inside of the garbage containers. This helps to keep the container dry and when it is time to collect the garbage it is the plastic bag that contains garbage will be picked and for damping. 


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