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Common plumbing emergencies a home can face anytime

Plumbing emergencies can happen without leaving any time for you to react. That’s why it is always better to keep an eye on warning signs. Still, if it happens, you need to reach out to professionals for quick help as these can be damaging for your house.

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Some commonly faced plumbing issues include pipe bursts, toilet overflow, faucet leak, etc. However, many homeowners don’t understand whether a situation is urgent or not because of the lack of proper knowledge. Although many things go into such occurrence, you can ascertain its gravity by looking at the level of water damage. It can be a piece of advice from all the expert technicians.

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If you live in Santa Cruz, you can look for Santa Cruz plumbing services in your area for immediate help. The professionals can tackle any plumbing matter efficiently. Before that, let’s find out about these issues.

Burst pipes

In winters or cold, pipes can expand and crack. Other reasons for such occurrence can be the condition of the plumbing line due to its overuse. Then, some materials can also be vulnerable. Since water spillage from a pipe can cause immense harm to your property, you have to count this as an emergency. Wet patches on the walls and a sudden jump in utility bills can be the warning signs.

Sewer backup

It can be a nightmarish experience for any homeowner. It can lead to the accumulation of raw sewage into your home through different sources, such as toilets, a sink, bathtub, drain, etc. Since sewage backup can cause tremendous health and safety concerns, you have to contact a plumber soon. It can also be an extremely unpleasant sight to put up with for anyone. The early signs of this can be the gurgling toilets, congested drains, and sewer odor from gutters.

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Leaky heating system

An old heater can face problems like leakage and drip. Water collection under the water heater can be a signal of this. You can also check other nearby pipes for leaks. Due to this, your water bills can increase. That’s why you have to get it repaired sooner than later. Sometimes, you may have to get the entire heating system replaced also. It can be a possible solution for a rusting, more than the ten-year-old water heater. However, if only valves have an issue, repairing work can be enough. 

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Leaky faucets and toilets

It cannot be pleasant to hear the drip-drip sound every time you enter the bathroom or kitchen sink area. But that doesn’t make it an urgent situation. You have to fix it quickly if you don’t want to see your water bill rise suddenly or the leakage cause rusting and molding issues.

Like these, there can be different types of problems that can happen to your plumbing fixtures. Not paying attention to them on time can be damaging for your house and savings. When you allow them to persist, you also invite health and hygiene challenges for you and your family members. Hence, it is better to solve these matters before they inflate.  


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