How to choose the right dress size for your child?

When shopping for children’s clothing, some parents buy their children a size larger for various reasons, estimating that the child can wear it for a long time, but the truth is not so satisfactory.

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Some clothes are worn out in less than a few months; some clothes look old although they can be worn the next year; some clothes are bought large, but the next year there is a child can not wear the situation. Like this, the child will appear to wear big clothes forever, or wear old clothes that fit, and it is not a happy thing for the child to be unable to enjoy a childhood with new clothes. If you have a need for  wholesale kid clothes, welcome to shop at prettykid.

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Also, sometimes there are good reasons to buy your child one size larger clothes, but not all clothes, all seasons, and all children can buy one size larger clothes. It is important to choose the right size clothes for your child in order for them to be comfortable in their clothes, to help their body develop, and to keep them safe. I have compiled a selection of clothes for children “four big three just right” rules of clothing selection, for your reference.

Four big.

1, the newborn baby’s clothes bigger

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that: the best way to buy clothes for newborns is to buy a size larger. Because the newborn is the fastest growing stage, the first 3 months an average of 3.5 cm per month, 3-6 months an average of 2 cm per month, 6-12 months an average of 1-1.5 cm per month.

It can be said that the child in the first few months is the same as a day, the growth is pleasing. So buy slightly larger clothes for infancy, for example, 3-6 months at 3 months and 6-12 months at 6 months. Infancy children have a big belly, so the child wears more loose clothes, the child breathes smoothly and will be more comfortable.

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2, fat children’s clothes bigger

The more fat children, the body is not very standard children generally want to buy larger clothes. Because some clothes suitable for children’s height, fat and thin is not very suitable, will be on the thin side, the child will feel particularly tight after wearing, shoulders, stomach here will look very tight, some even pants waist can not lift up, the child wear such clothes will also be uncomfortable.

These children will have to choose the right clothes for their body conditions, do not have to be able to tangle with a size or two, pants and tops size inconsistency is also possible. Different brands are also different, and can only fix a few styles on the larger side of the brand.

3, spring clothes bigger

A report by the World Health Organization shows that: the fastest growth in the time of year is May, reaching an average of 7.3 millimeters, and the slowest growth in October, an average of only 3.3 millimeters. The height growth rate in spring is 2 to 2.5 times faster than that in autumn. Therefore, spring is the prime time to grow taller, buy clothes for your child when you buy bigger, you can keep up with the speed of your child’s growth. And spring clothes can still be worn for a season in the fall, one dress for two seasons is also very cost-effective. Also do not buy too big, plan to wear two seasons on.

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4, cotton clothes bigger

In winter, you need to buy a cotton or down jacket for your child, because there is a sweater inside, it will be more bloated, if you buy the right size clothes, you may not be able to wear the situation. This is when you need to buy a larger piece of clothing to match the clothes inside. And of course you can’t buy clothes that are too long or too fat. Make sure that the shoulders fit better when you put them on, and that they don’t droop and look uninspired. To ensure that the child still has a certain degree of flexibility, can run and jump, walk without hindrance, which is the most appropriate.

Three just right.

1, shoes should be just right

Growing feet first, feet will grow quickly, but also bear the weight of the body, so be sure to buy your child a pair of shoes that fit. The right shoes can make the child walk stable, walk fast, and promote physical development. Choose shoes according to the shape of the child’s feet, let the child put on the shoes, we try the next can reach into an index finger, indicating that the length is appropriate. Then press the position of the front toes, there is about 0.5-1 cm or so of freedom, even if more appropriate. Also note the surface of the child’s foot, there is also a certain amount of freedom, which indicates that the width is appropriate. Winter to wear thick socks, let the child wear thick socks to try on shoes, always will not choose the wrong.

2、Underwear should be just right

The underwear worn close to the body, autumn clothes and pants to buy just the right clothes, because these clothes are relatively large elasticity, wear will not be very tight. Underwear and body fit, will not rub back and forth, the child will feel more comfortable. The only way to keep warm is to have a close fit, and fat and easy to fill with wind. A friend recalled the experience of his childhood, said his mother bought two sizes of clothes, the next day he caught a cold, too cold.

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3, summer clothes to be just right

Summer clothes are very light and thin, in order to cool, even if the right size clothes will be loose, so buy just the right one. Clothes are too big, it does not look good, and it is not comfortable to wear. Summer to the child bought a few larger sling clothes, sling always slide down, and finally replaced with just the right size on it. Summer clothes are washed more often, see more sunlight, but also easier to become old, only wear a season will not be too bad.

In general, buying clothes for children is also very careful, not just to save to buy children large size clothes, according to the different seasons, different types of clothes, and the characteristics of the child to choose the right clothes. The purpose of dressing now is not only to cover the body, but also to make the child look more spiritual, more confident and safer after wearing the clothes, as parents we all have to grow a little.


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