How to Balance Minimalist Design in Your Bedroom

When you think of decorating your home, what comes to mind?

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Do you picture opulence and rich colors, or do you prefer the “less is more” approach? If you picture signature furniture pieces in your home and rooms that are free of clutter, you are likely a minimalist.

If you’re a minimalist, you likely don’t prefer eye-catching patterns and bright colors when it comes to decorating. Minimalist designs can inspire a sense of calm and relaxation which is why this decorative style appeals to so many. If you want to incorporate minimalist style in your bedroom, here are some of the main elements you should consider.

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A Sleek Bed

The bed is the main furniture piece in a bedroom, and if you prefer a minimalist style, it’s best to choose a streamlined bed. Pillows are a significant element in this respect, as they should complement the rest of the bedroom design.

Also, avoid the beds that come with canopies or tall pillars and select bedding in a neutral color to achieve a minimalist look. If you have a platform bed, you won’t have to worry about having a box spring and you can opt for a sleek headboard or no headboard. Add a few texture pillows in muted or neutral shades to add proportion to this section of the room without overwhelming color or patterns.

Bare Walls

In a minimalist bedroom, plain walls are often best. Bare walls ensure that the bedroom looks streamlined and clean. However, you don’t have to leave all of the walls bare. Choose one wall to hang a black and white photo or a portrait to add a bit more of your personality to the room.

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Clean Lines

Furniture with clean lines is best for a minimalist bedroom. Don’t go for chairs and tables that have ornate trim or engravings. Instead, choose furniture with elegant, clean lines. The furniture should also give the room an airy feel so that you feel relaxed as soon as you enter the space.

No Clutter

Keep your minimalist bedroom free of clutter by storing your extra furniture and clothing items in storage. Even though you prefer the minimalist look, your bedroom doesn’t have to look stark. However, you should get rid of clutter, especially around your bed, so your bedroom will be a serene place for you to rest each night. Use bins that you can fit under the bed or in the closet to ease the anxiety you may feel after a long day and make it easier to unwind in your bedroom.

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A Limited Color Palette

Even though you’re decorating your bedroom in a minimalist style, you don’t have to stick to black, white, or gray when it comes to your color palette. As long as the colors you select aren’t too bright and you don’t include any overwhelming patterns, you’re still sticking to the minimalist decor scheme. Natural colors like brown and blue work well for the minimalist look, and you can also include darker grays and cream or beige shades to complete your color palette.

Design Symmetry

Minimalist rooms tend to reflect a harmonious theme. Pay attention to the size and scale of the bedroom as it relates to your furniture so you won’t select pieces that are too large for the room. Arrange your furniture to create symmetry to make your room appear more organized and balanced. When your bedroom has symmetry, it will be easier to achieve a sense of calm in one of the most personal rooms in your home.

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Small Accents

Simple and clean designs are the hallmark of minimalist bedrooms, but you can still add a subtle pattern or two to customize your space. Choose thin stripes or geometric patterns that maintain the theme of clean lines throughout the bedroom. Stay away from complicated designs such as large floral patterns and neon colors to maintain the minimalist theme, but choose pieces that add visual interest to your space so you can still showcase your personality.

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Minimalist design is all about prioritizing the essential in a room/space. And while eye-catching patterns and bright colors are not a part of minimalist design, you can still make a huge statement in your room by using subtle colors and subdued patterns. These helpful suggestions can help you make the most of a minimalist design in your bedroom.


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