How to Beat a Burglary Charge?

Illegally entering a house or another property with malicious intent to commit a crime is known as ‘Burglary.’ Burglary may also be known as entering or breaking into anyone’s property without permission.

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As we commonly heard, the word housebreaking, which typically relates to a burglary. This offense is known as theft or robbery, but in some ambit, many other offenses are also coming under burglary.

Before fighting a burglary charge, one must know the following elements:

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Available Defense for Burglary:

It is an established principle of law that” the court assumes the person innocent until proven guilty.” Regardless of this saying, one must not wait and hope that the prosecutor will fail to prove you guilty. But to defend himself in the court of justice through his representing lawyer, you must hire an experienced burglary lawyer. They have specific strategies to refute the allegations and beat the burglary charges on you.

  • Follow the path of Truth: Most of the defendants misunderstand the reliability and importance of truth, and they generally lie in front of their representing lawyer. They don’t know that this false statement may be used against them in the court of justice and can make a massive difference in judgment. 
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Imagine if the prosecutor comes with a piece of evidence that proves your false fact. After this, it will become challenging for the judges to believe any further, ultimately leading you to conviction.

  • Be adaptive to every situation: Most of the lawyers generally prefer the same methods and rebuttals for every situation and get failures in further proceedings. The lawyers should know different options and strategies to tackle unforeseen situations and obstacles. The lawyer must prove the case beyond reasonable doubt and get an effective result.
  • Misappropriate identification: If the lawyer research and investigates the case deeply and effectively and if he finds witness or sort of evidence that proves the presence of his client in some other place at the time of alleged happening, it can be a strong defense for the alleged and the attorney may argue on relying on this particular evidence.
  • Prove the owner’s permission: Proving the owner’s consent and making the court believe this fact will be very beneficial for the defendant. If there is any displacement or removal of any item, then also truly rely on the fact that the owner willingly invited the defendant into his property, assuming that he knows that the defendant may have malicious intent.
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  • Lack of ill intention: Defendant may defend, or the prosecutor may put allegations on this particular point. The things were done without any such Illegal intentions or may be done in goodwill. So, on that basis, the defendant may find guilty for that particular offense on the ground of having no such intention of doing it.
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Following the above strategies cannot be done effectively by ourselves. So, taking the assistance of an experienced lawyer will be a good solution. A lawyer can implement the strategies mentioned above effectively, and they are one’s who understands the concept of a specific law, file motions and make arguments from your side. This will ultimately help to convince the judges or jury to believe that you are innocent.


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