How to Break into a Bighorn Safe?

One of the most affordable guns safe brands, Bighorn, is considered the best gun safe brand for those people who are looking for an affordable safe that can protect their firearms from burglary or unauthorized access. 

Bighorn Gun Safe

Bighorn safes are basically made in China. An American company, known as Rhino’s Metals, first receives Bighorn gun safes from China, then Rhino’s facilities pass the safes through all the required quality assurance checks before sending them to the customer’s house.  

In short, the bighorn gun safes are not directly shipped to you from China but they go through a proper quality assurance process before they reach your place of residence.

But, Can you Break into a Bighorn Safe?

Most gun safe brands are really not difficult to break into, but due to clever marketing and design tricks, most gun owners have been misled into believing that their safe is pretty secure. 

Similarly, one can see that is the case with bighorn gun safes. 

They, too, can be attacked by burglary. 

How to Break into a Bighorn Safe?

All attacks will need a drill hole in the bighorn safe. 

As each bighorn safe has a different model and size, we will not be able to give you the exact measurement of where to drill a hole. Alternatively, we will be providing the general idea of how to break into the bighorn gun safe. 

Attack 1: Push the Solenoid

The first attack needs you to make a hole near the solenoid valve of the gun safe. Going through the drill hole with a wire, push the solenoid valve down and you are in. 

Attack 2: Wire and Battery

The second attack again requires you to make a hole. Through the hole, push the wire near the solenoid and attach the wire with a battery. The battery will generate the necessary current for it to open automatically. 

Attack 3: Moving the Striker

Make another drill hole near the center of the gun safe, tag the ear that moves the striker with the punch and a hammer. Remember that one strong blow will help you to get in. If one blow does not work for you, try a few times more. 

Attack 4: Attacking the Striker

Create a hole near the solenoid. Going through the hole, with a punch and a hammer attack the striker itself. Hit a few times, and you will be in. 

Other General Ideas to Break into Gun Safes

  • A team of Las Vegas researchers opened many top commercially available gun safe brands with simple tools like:
  • A Straw
  • A Paper Clip
  • Shaking the safe
  • Several researchers have performed tests on different commercially available gun safes and found that the magnetic pin that opens the door when the correct combination is entered could be triggered by gently shaking the gun safe. 
  • The team also found that the models of Stack-on PS Biometric gun safes can be opened easily by pushing the fingerprint reader of the gun safe in and using that hole to insert a wire or paper clip to move the solenoid. The solenoid then opens the lock of the gun safe. 
  • The modern models of gun safes can be opened by a screwdriver as well. The screwdriver is used to insert a metal piece of equipment into the safe to reach the reset button of the modern gun safe. The reset button would then allow you to reset the combination. 

Security in Question

To conclude, many researchers have run tests on almost every available gun safe and found that almost every gun safe brands are really not difficult to break into, but due to clever marketing and design tricks, most people think their guns are safe and secure.

Remember to think twice about your gun safes and the quality of protection that they provide to you and your guns.


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