How to break the lock on the door

Performing this type of actions should always be considered as the last resort to open a door, since there are other procedures that you can also use, and that without a doubt can give you the same result, now, if this is not the case, if it will be necessary to break the door key lock.

The Locksmith urgent note that you must understand that to break it, you will damage the entire security system. If you consider after this that it is necessary to break the lock, you should start by examining the lock with a team experienced in locksmithing.

Examine the lock. This is in order to know how we are going to work in it because some tubular locks have a pin in the center of stainless steel and tempered, as well as many others have a bearing in this same pin for thus preventing a strange third party from piercing the lock.

In either case, piercing the lock will be time lost, so you must start to make different methods with the famous lockpicks. If you cannot identify if the lock has a pin in the steel center, it is best to consult with specialized hardware or locksmith.

Find the right tools, since you will use too much force to open the lock, you will not need delicate material to fulfill the purpose. The most necessary tools are an electric cut with several speeds, hammer, batons, gloves, and protective lenses.

Use the drill preferably with a drill of about 3 millimeters, or an eighth of an inch. Generally, if this works, you should start with the 3 millimeters or the 25 millimeter drill bit; If you do not have that size, it is best to borrow from your acquaintances or neighbors, you must use a bit that is more or less small so that it can get through the system instead of destroying it completely.

Hit the lock with a punch and a hammer, at the point that is just over the hole in the lock, this way you can create a point that will serve as a guide to start deep drilling.

The blow should be exactly between the cylinder located on the inside and outside of the lock, you can guide by the dividing line that is there, the drill bit must be deep enough to reach the pins of the lock and pierce them completely.

If you do not have much certainty of the previous point, buy in a hardware store to a famous spreadsheet to drill the locks of all kinds.

In certain and determined, you must then look for a much thicker drill that is drilling inside the whole lock and hooking on the cylinders, inverted but always for a certain time, to remove it to be able to remove the excess metal that you are sure to have.

In this way, you will dismantle the lock and thus easily open the door.


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