How to Build Successful Online Community

I’m assuming we all know that communities differ from audiences, well, maybe not in your neighbourhood; but certainly on the land of social media, and that’s where most families spend their time. So for obvious reasons, we can all understand why this factor works exceptionally well in the land of business. 

So believe me when I say your business will benefit from having a dedicated community, and the biggest thing I guess, would be to know where, and how to build those communities? We’ve got you covered, most importantly on how to build these communities outside of social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. We’ll get straight to it. We’ve discussed a few topics.

Why Groups and Communities Matter for Digital Marketers in 2019

Most marketer’s number-one goal is to bring the attention of the product or service to the. In essence, communities aid marketers in doing this much quicker and at a significantly lower cost. However, as we’ve mentioned, it’s where you build those that communities that matter.

The Big Tip: Remember, “Building a community” is different from having followers. With having followers on these platforms, your brand doesn’t automatically get more valuable because shortly after they disappear into a number. While On the other hand, creating a space for people to meet in a standard, natural, fast, and valuable way. In a sense, they are able to give value to each other. 

The Question of the decade -How Will Marketers Use Social Media Platforms in the Future?

Well, for one, the future will be won by gutsy marketers who do one of two things: use social platforms for what they’re good at right now, or for building something under their brand to bring customers, fans, followers, and prospective customers together around conquering something exciting and vital to all of them. This happens while marketers oversee the relationships and gain access to all of that data.

Does Facebook Fit into This Picture?

Well, in the recent past, Facebook has reported $55 billion in revenue with a growth point of 10%-20% each year. However, if they cared about something other than stock prices, they would probably make different decisions than those they’re making today.

As we sit, a generous estimate of 3%-5% of your fans and followers will see any of Facebook your organic posts. Remember, Facebook is making most of their money from page owners who have to deliver a message to their fans. They should be willing to pay to do so. So we don’t think they’ll be following.

Take the Mighty Network versus Facebook Groups:

The platform currently permits you to set in Crowdcast, live video via Zoom, and Google Hangouts, including native live video, is on the horizon. One-on-one messaging is available to users right now, and multi-person chat will be added in the next 3 months.

Features that differentiate standard networks from 

Facebook Groups:

•   No advertising on the platform, meaning your brand’s premium positioning is remains protected. 

•   Being able to fuse in content courses and selling them as digital services or products.

•   The opportunity to find like-minded people. 

The Big Tip: Engagement on nomral networks gets high based on the ability to meet like-mind people in the context of a shared interest outside of the noise and the clutter of Instagram and Facebook. 


Set your company up for success, and lead it to its way, to change. Moreover, we’ve also learned about the longevity of building communities and its value to your audience.


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