How to choose a gas safety device For Home?

With the rise of usage of LPG gas, the demand and importance of gas safety device also increased. Nowadays it will be difficult to locate a home without LPG gas connection.  With the gas safety device at your home, it is sure that your home is safe. In this blog let us discuss on how to choose a gas safety device for the house by discussing the various features they should possess.


What is a safety device in LPG gas?  The LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a combination of two hydrocarbons-butane and iso-butane which is liquefied by condensing. The popular LPG is an efficient energy source used in homes, hotels and for other commercial purposes also. The cylinders are strong and are not damaged easily, but if not properly maintained, it can result in leakage from the valve, cylinders and pipe connections.

LPG gas safety device is an innovative mechanical product introduced for domestic LPG cylinder. This keeps the home away from the accidents caused by gas leakage. Thereby, this safety device helps in protecting the surroundings from horrible disasters which may occur due to gas leakage.

How the gas safety device works? The device will automatically shut off the gas supply from the cylinder when there is a major leakage of gas. The gas leakage may occur either when the regulator is not functioning properly; the tube ruptures or the tube catches fire.

Things to remember while choosing gas safety device: The main feature of the device is their auto shut-off facility on detecting higher leakage. In addition to that, the device should also have the features like- gas saving, low gas indicator and minor leakage testing capability.

  1. Saves gas:These days, most of the branded gas safety device saves the gas up to 20%.
  2. The minor leakage testing capability: This helps to reduce the gas wastage and avoids the leakage snowballing into a major one. As a first step, turn off all the gas appliances and then turn on the gas safety device and regulator. Depress the safe gauge a few times. Then turn off the safety device keeping the regulator tap on. Observe the gauge needle for five to ten minutes. If there no change in needle the system is working fine. But if the needle position drops, that indicates a leakage. Apply a soapy solution to all fittings and system; bubbles will arise from the leak spot.
  3. Indicates low level of gas in the cylinder: The device comprises of a gauge which indicates the gas level in the cylinder. This is similar to the one in cars, which indicates the fuel level.
  4. Also some of the devices will have pressure and temperature activated cut off system.
  5. gas-safety-device-1

Also, while choosing the LPG gas safety device, check the warranty the brand is providing and whether there is any insurance provided in case of defects. There are brands available in market which provides three years of warranty and around rupees two crores of insurance.

Now with all the information available for gas safety device, choose the best one which meets the quality standards.




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